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A man with two valid marriage certificates

Update: May, 29/2018 - 09:00

Vietnamese laws don’t allow a man to have two lawful wives at the same time but a 60-year-old man in central province of Hà Tĩnh has found himself in that very situation with two marriage certificates at the same time.

Online newspaper on May 28 reported that a teacher in Hương Vĩnh Commune, Hương Khê District early last year, submitted divorce proceedings to Hưng Khê District People’s Court as he and his first wife wanted to divorce.

The court sought measures for conciliation in order to help the couple clearly realise their responsibilities towards their children. Conciliation is not only a legal procedure, but also reflects the Vietnamese people’s morals. After the conciliation, the wife changed her decision but the court, on January 24, still permitted the divorce without considering the wife’s change of heart.

Meanwhile, 15 days after the divorce decision took effect, the man registered to get married to another woman at Hương Vĩnh Commune People’s Committee. The second wife signed in a lawful marriage certificate and the couple are living happily.

The case is dealt with by the superior People’s Court in Hà Nội as the first wife asked for cassation - the review of a legally valid judgment or decision which is protested against because of serious law violations detected in the handling of the case.

When courts are confused to address the violation, the communal People’s Committee has called on the male teacher and his second wife to get a divorce. Is it so unfair to the second woman? — VNS





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