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Girl loses man’s best friend to a friend

Update: August, 22/2017 - 10:37

When Trang got a puppy for the first time, she was over the moon.

She called the Husky Kiki, and pampered it to the hilt. She sent it to an animal school for VNĐ9 million (US$400) per month, and paid someone VNĐ250,000 ($11) for each bath given to Kiki.

Suffice it to say that she went cuckoo over Kiki.

Now, Trang also had a close human friend who was undergoing a lot of mental tension. Trang knew that pets are great stress-busters for their owners, so she decided to help her friend by lending him Kiki for a few days.

The friend appreciated having Kiki because he was broke, financially, and such a well cared for dog was easy to sell. So he parted with Kiki for VNĐ2 million ($90), and has refused to tell Trang who he sold it to.

Now, a distraught Trang is in tears and posts desperate pleas for Kiki on many forums related to puppies and dogs.

A dog, they say, is man’s best friend, but it appears we can’t say the same thing of a man, unfortunately. — VNS


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