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What a naive robber!

Update: July, 26/2016 - 09:00
Trần Quốc Quy

What a naive robber!

Police of District 3 in HCM City has remanded Trần Quốc Quy, 15, in custody for allegedly robbing a smart phone from a Russian tourist early last week.

Under initial investigation, last Tuesday night, while Quy and his accomplice drove a motorbike with the licence plate 52T1-0055 in Ðiện Biên Phủ Street, they saw two Russian tourists on their motorbike, one of the tourists took a smart phone. The two suspects came closer to the motorbike of two Russian tourists to snatch the smart phone but failed.

After the failing robbery, the two suspects tried to run away. However, the tourists chased them. During the chasing, the suspects felt from their motorbike and they immediately left the vehicle and escaped. The tourists took the suspects’ motorbike to a local police station to report.

No longer after, Quy went to the station, said to the police that it was not a robbery, it was just a crash between the two motorbikes. Quy asked the police to return his motorbike, but he did not reach his aim. The police decided to arrest him for investigating instead of returning his vehicle.

Think first, then brag

Võ Minh Nguyên, 26, of southern Bến Tre Province’s Cẩm Sơn Commune, has received a warning from the provincial Police Department few days after he bragged in an TV game show titled of “Wanna date” broadcasted by HTV7 channel on June 13. This is one of favourite game shows of youngsters nation-wide because it is believed to be a bridge to bring love to youngsters during their busy life that they even have no time to date.

In the game show, Nguyên introduced to the MC that he was a police of the Bến Tre City’s Police Office. Actually, Nguyên stays unemployed and helps selling beer at his parent’s beer shop. Unfortunately, some police also watched the game show.

When being called to the police station, he admitted to the police that he said that because he simply thought women would like him as a police more than a normal person. So, he bragged without hesitation.

The police had told him to write a commitment to not violate again.

There are white lies, but there are not. In this case, before bragging something, Nguyên should think twice! – VNS

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