Patient found with two types of cancer in same lung

September 08, 2020 - 11:22

This case is rare not only in Việt Nam but also in the world.


An image of the tumours. — Photo from Việt Nam-Sweden Hospital

QUẢNG NINH — A patient identified with two different types of cancer occurring simultaneously on the same lung lobe has been hospitalised in the Việt Nam-Sweden Hospital in Uông Bí City of the northeastern province Quảng Ninh.

The patient was diagnosed with both pulmonary squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) and adenocarcinoma.

This case is considered medically rare not only in Việt Nam but also in the world.

Usually, tumours found on the same lung lobe are of the same nature, but in this patient, the tumours have grown independently of two different types of cancer, according to doctors at the hospital.

The patient was born in 1943 with a history of abdominal aortic replacement surgery to treat abdominal aortic aneurysm and surgeries to remove left ureteral stone and remove abdominal wall hernia.

About a month before being admitted to the hospital, the patient felt tired, lost weight, coughed up some blood, felt chest tightness, and experienced shortness of breath.

After a lung CT scan, doctors discovered a lobe tumour in the left lung close to the aortic loop.

The biopsy results showed the tumour was adenocarcinoma. The patient was prescribed surgery to remove the left lung lobe by the VAT method (video supportive surgery) combined with laparoscopic surgery and open surgery.

During the operation, the doctors found another tumour in the lung and cut off all left lung lobe.

The result of the pathology found the two tumours were two different types of cancers.

After the surgery, the patient continued to be treated with chemotherapy and target cell radiation therapy, said doctor Nguyễn Đức Hoành, head of Department of Cardiac and Thoracic Intervention and Surgery.

This was the best treatment method for this case, he added. — VNS