Nam Định Province’s e-Government model receives positive feedback

November 19, 2019 - 08:00
A year after going live, Nam Định administration’s e-Government model is receiving positive feedback.
The online public service of the province.— Photo

NAM ĐỊNH — A year after going live, Nam Định administration’s e-Government model is receiving positive feedback.

Residents and enterprises say they feel better served as a result of the local authority going high-tech, and conducting more and more business online.

Meeting times have also been reduced along with administrative reform.

Trần Ngọc Thịnh, of Giao Thuỷ Construction Joint Stock Company, said submitting e-documents via the online public service was very easy.

You only need to fill in an electronic document following the instructions of an administrative staff member and just press submit to finish, he said.

Hà Thanh Hải, an officer of the provincial Construction Department said both individuals and businesses could submit e-documents at ward, district-level administrative agencies or access to the online public service portal, filling in required documents and pressing one click to complete the process.

Then, the documents were sent to officers, who were assigned to deal with the issues quickly before reporting back to individuals or businesses.

Hải also said the province’s Industrial Park Management Board was believed to be one of the pioneers in applying information technology to serve local businesses.

For example, it not only speeds up to handle administrative procedures for the businesses but also constantly updates information related to investment policies and planning of the province.

Nguyễn Mai Thuận, deputy head of the management board said since the province’s online public service system was officially put into operation in July 2018, all administrative procedures of investors have been received and handled quickly, in some cases before the deadline.

It was estimated that the province’s administrative agencies handle about 5,000 e-documents with digital signatures each month.

Up to now, the provincial e-document system has connected with the national system. It created good conditions for sending and receiving e-documents to all ministries, sectors as well as administrative agencies in 62 cities and provinces nationwide.

According to the People’s Committee of Trực Tuấn Commune, in the past, it took up to two days to send documents via postal service from the commune-level administrative agency to the district-level administration agency before.

Additionally, officials of the commune often had to travel dozens of kilometres to attend a meeting. It took a lot of time, the committee said.

Now, the situation had changed because the online public service and digital signatures had been operated following the decision No 28/2018/QĐ-Ttg, issued in July 2018 by the Government, the committee said.

Trần Văn Cương, chairman of the committee said now the e-documents were sent to the online public service system, it was dispatched to the chairman and vice chairman. After they viewed the documents, they would classify and send to the civil servants.

Lưu Văn Dương, chairman of Trực Ninh District, said applying digital signatures helped sending e-documents to direct units and agencies quicker than before.

Documents could immediately reach to the person in charge without being lost, he said.

Chairman or vice chairman could also handle the documents anytime by using their smart phones, he said.

Phạm Thị Oanh, vice chairwoman of the People’s Committee of Nam Định City said the city was ranked first in applying the model in the province.

The city had planned to receive and handle e-documents in every administrative agency at all levels since 2017, she said.

Data of the province showed that the provincial online public service portal has handled nearly 60,000 e-documents from local residents and businesses so far.— VNS