Hà Nội Police lead the way for northern migrant workers returning from southern provinces

October 06, 2021 - 15:25
The checkpoint No 1 of Hà Nội border gate on Tuesday night saw a great number of people entering from southern provinces.

HÀ NỘI — Checkpoint No 1 in Hà Nội on Tuesday night saw a large number of migrant workers travelling back to their northern hometowns from COVID-19 battered localities in the southern region.

Leader of the checkpoint, which is on the Pháp Vân-Cầu Giẽ Highway, said that on Tuesday, more than 1,000 people riding motorbikes carrying women and children from Highway 1A to pass through Hà Nội.

They have driven thousands of kilometres from southern provinces, passed Hà Nội and wanted to come back home in northern mountainous provinces, even though the COVID-19 hot spots have been gradually lifting their stringent lockdowns in the past few months to resume economic and production activities.

Most of the migrants are poor people from ethnic minorities group in Sơn La, Điện Biên, Lai Châu, mountainous provinces bordering China, and came to HCM City and other industrial provinces in the province for work, but the social distancing measures enforced have left many out of jobs and cash-strapped, despite receiving some support from local governments and charity efforts.

To ensure COVID-19 prevention and control, Hà Nội transport police arranged guide vehicles to lead the way for people transiting via Hà Nội, handing over to local police in neighbouring provinces. — VNS

After HCM City removed checkpoints, many people from northern provinces decided to return home by motorbike. — VNA/VNS Photos Lê Phú
Many of them are tired after driving thousands of kilometres.
Hà Nội Police support them with food and drink.
Medical forces at the Pháp Vân-Cầu Giẽ help the citizens to make medical declarations and COVID-19 quick tests.
Police automobiles lead the way for people.
Many couples take their children to come back to their hometown.


Policemen direct the traffic. — VNA/VNS Photo Thành Đạt


Some carry with them cans of gasoline along with food and essentials on the long journey home. — VNA/VNS Photo Thành Đạt


Some families came with young children. — VNA/VNS Photo Thành Đạt


Many just took a rest right on the street at a rest stop of the National Highway. Photo taken early Wednesday morning. — VNA/VNS Photo Thành Đạt