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Vinmec a pioneer in applying screening gene testing technology for type 2 diabetes risk

Update: April, 14/2021 - 11:08

Early screening gene testing of diabetes risk is a product between Vinmec Health System and DNA Link - one of South Korea's leading companies in researching and developing biomedical and genetic analysing technology. The test was first applied at Vinmec, to help to screen for type 2 diabetes, recommended for people who suffer prediabetes or who have already had diabetes for the most effective treatment regimen.

The screening gene test for type 2 diabetes risk is performed using modern, broadband gene analysis technology, and the assessment of genetic variation interaction on related genes. The analysis and assessment of these genetic variation roles are based on the largest database of Asian (including Vietnamese) people, to help obtain the most accurate results for Vietnamese people.


A prediabetes gene test is recommended for people with prediabetes with abnormal signs of glycemic index and healthy people who want early screening.

A pre-diabetes gene test will help screen for type 2 diabetes risks in those who have prediabetes, or have abnormal signs of glycemic index, or healthy people who want early screening. In addition, the test also helps to assess abnormal risks with other important health indicators of the body such as body mass index (BMI), blood fat, hypertension risk index and insulin resistance. As the diabetic age is increasingly younger, those of all ages who want early screening can take this test even without clinical sign of diabetes. This test is also especially important for people who have already have type 2 diabetes. The test results will help the doctor determine the exact cause and come up with the most suitable regimen.


Those who take a prediabetes gene test just have their blood extracted or oral mucosa sampled and the results will be given within two weeks.

To take a prediabetes gene test, it is only necessary to extract blood the same as other common blood tests or collect a sample of the oral mucosa, which is painless. The sampling time only takes 3-5 minutes and the result will be given by Vinmec Hospital after two  weeks.

For those identified as having a genetic factor that increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, Vinmec's doctors and geneticists will advise on nutritional modes and physical exercise, as well as an active examination schedule to help you a healthy life in the future.

If a customer has a result of a high-risk gene of prediabetes that requires early intervention, Vinmec will connect with other clinical specialists to provide an optimal treatment, management and care plan to optimise treatment effects and minimise the risk of complications.

This is a test that only needs to be taken once. Physicians may use the results of this gene test together with other clinical information from other clinics throughout your life to optimise and personalise the treatment method.

Just take a prediabetes test once, then combine it with clinical information from different times to optimise treatment when it is necessary.

Currently, type 2 diabetes is increasing in Viet Nam and worldwide with various serious complications such as blindness, kidney failure, amputation, cerebrovascular accident and myocardial infarction. According to statistics of the Ministry of Health, up to 70 per cent of patients have not been correctly diagnosed. Diabetes usually develops silently, with no symptoms, so it is difficult to detect early. If it is screened early through periodic examination and through the gene test method, patients can promptly adjust their diet and make lifestyle changes accordingly.

The gene test to detect diabetes risk along with more than 70 types of cancer, chronic disease, drug allergy ability and personal characteristics is a genetic product launched by Vinmec Wellness Center in March 2021. This is a strong field that Vinmec focuses on, in order to help people access the world's advanced screening technologies in the healthcare field in Viet Nam./.

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