Hung Thinh signs strategic partnership with partners for tourism development

January, 11/2022 - 17:14

Hung Thinh Group, a major real estate developer in Viet Nam, has formed a strategic partnership with Vietravel to promote tourism in Quy Nhon City.

Vice Chairman of Hung Thinh Nguyen Van Cuong (left), II-Dong Kwon, BCG Vietnam CEO (right) and Ngo Hoang Nam, Chairman of Quy Nhon City People's Committee (middle) at the ceremony.

Hung Thinh Group, major real estate developer in Viet Nam, has formed a strategic partnership with Vietravel to promote tourism in Quy Nhon City.

Hung Thinh has also teamed up with Boston Consulting Group to develop a tourism development project in Quy Nhon until 2030.

It has also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Quy Nhon University and National University Pegasus International for a tourism training project to meet high-quality human resources in the locality.

Cooperating with important partners, Hung Thinh Group aims to create better momentum for Quy Nhon’s tourism to reach regional and international levels.

At the signing ceremony, the Quy Nhon People's Committee, Boston Consulting Group, and Hung Thinh Corporation also inked an agreement to build a tourism development project that aims to turn the coastal city into a leading destination in Asia.

Accordingly, the project will focus on a comprehensive plan for sustainable and safe tourism. It will also focus on the inherent potential and position of Quy Nhon in the domestic market as well as the potential in the high-end tourism segment, ensuring tourism growth.

Setting up a project for Quy Nhon’s tourism development until 2030 is one of the key tasks of the city. It helps to realize the vision and development goals of the city. Tourism development, one of five pillars of socio-economic growth, will improve the life quality for people in the locality, Ngo Hoang Nam, Chairman of Quy Nhon City People's Committee stated.

"Through the strategic cooperation agreements, enterprises committed to accompanying Quy Nhon for sustainable tourism development commensurate with its potential," he added. 

Quy Nhon has potential for further tourism development since it has a deep-water port like popular tourism destinations Hong Kong and Singapore, where tourism plays an important role for economic growth of the locality, said II-Dong Kwon, Managing director of BCG Vietnam.

“We are working on building a vision so that this city can become a leading tourism destination in Asia and a leading tourism destination in the world," he said.

Forming a strategic partnership with Vietravel 

In order to realize the goal, Hung Thinh and Vietravel will optimize the strengths of their ecosystems for the development of resort real estate, travel, aviation services, tour packages and new travel routes. 

The two companies will jointly support the promotion of their images at identification points at home and abroad. They will also focus on building the system, actively applying digital technology in resource management and service implementation to bring experiences and enhance the enjoyment of visitors.

Nguyen Dinh Trung - Chairman of Hung Thinh Group (left) and Nguyen Quoc Ky - Chairman of Vietravel's Board of Directors (right) - signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement.

For the Quy Nhon market, Hung Thinh and Vietravel will jointly carry out promotion programs and connect with potential international tourism markets in Europe, the US, Australia, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong to enhance its advantages as a coastal city on the regional and international tourism map.

Binh Dinh province has targeted attracting 3.4 million visitors. Cooperation between reputable large enterprises in the industry such as Vietravel and Hung Thinh Corporation is needed, said Nguyen Quoc Ky.

Ky hopes that the cooperation will extend to enterprises of other business sectors as part of the strategy to revitalize the tourism industry as well as the Vietnamese economy.

High-quality human resources needed

With the speedy development of the tourism industry in recent years, Quy Nhon is facing a shortage of high-quality human resources that meet international standards. To satisfy the demand, Hung Thinh Group signed a cooperation agreement with Quy Nhon University and Pegasus International School to deploy full-time and short-term training programmes.

Hung Thinh Land has decided to sponsor VND100 billion for the program over three years. The funding will be used to support training, providing 10,000 jobs over five years for tourism workers in Binh Dinh.

Hung Thinh Group always cooperates with leading local and foreign enterprises to promote Quy Nhon’s tourism brand, contributing to the socioeconomic development, Nguyen Dinh Trung, Chairman of Hung Thinh Group, said.

"With our strengths and experience, we will accompany Quy Nhon tourism industry to realize its 'Asian vision,'" he said.

Truong Van Viet, Vice chairman of Hung Thinh Group (middle), Do Ngoc My, rector of Quy Nhon University (left) and Dr. Hank Duyverman, Director of academic development Pegasus Vietnam (right) sign a cooperation agreement on training and developing human resources in Quy Nhon city.

Currently, Hung Thinh and its member units have implemented a series of large-scale real estate projects in the locality, contributing to the economic development of the coastal city. The projects include Quy Nhon Melody apartment, Grand Center Quy Nhon apartment complex and Richmond Quy Nhon commercial urban area. 

In addition, the Mui Tan water music park has become an attractive check-in point. Soon, it will have a complex of services, commerce, high-rise hotels covering more than seven hectares, which are expected to become a new symbol of Quy Nhon.

Hung Thinh Group is devoted to developing a world-class tourism - resort - entertainment complex with a scale of 1,000 hectares on Hai Giang peninsula with a total investment of more than VND47 trillion in phase 1, of which more than VND 5 trillion will be invested in priority items. 

This complex is expected to become the busiest tourist resort and smart commercial center, gathering a series of impressive utilities such as a water music complex, 5-star hotel, 18-hole golf course designed by Greg Norman and a theme park.

The project is the strategy of Hung Thinh Corporation and an important milestone of Quy Nhon's journey to become leading destination in Asia.