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Spain, Việt Nam face new era with stronger ties

Update: October, 12/2020 - 09:00

Spanish Ambassador Pilar Méndez Jiménez sends a message to Việt Nam News on Spain's National Day

On October 12 we celebrate not only Spain's National Day but also Hispanic Day, a common thread uniting more than 500 million souls throughout the world who share a part of our history and culture, as well as a common language. 

Spanish is a global language nowadays, an indispensable tool for younger generations who wish to thrive in the 21st century. It is the third most used language on the internet and therefore a part of the new digital era we are entering.

In a time framed by the global pandemic, the post-COVID economy ahead of us will be shaped by digital and ecological transformation: those who learn Spanish will therefore be better positioned in the digital economy.

A view of Seville, Spain, from the top of the Metropol Parasol, known as “The mushroom”, completed in 2011. Courtesy Photo of Spanish Embassy

Amid this extraordinary context, Việt Nam and Spain find themselves aligned in different ways: on one hand, the recent entering into force of the EU-Việt Nam Free Trade Agreement on August 1st puts our economies in the avantgarde of international trade. We Europeans and Vietnamese look ahead, we do not let ourselves be distracted by the past and are already working for the future.

I would like to invite Vietnamese business leaders to explore the possibilities this most advanced example of international law we achieved together opens for all of us, creating new opportunities and a more sustainable future for all. 

Spain has international expertise on wide-ranging areas, from renewable energies to water management and infrastructures, besides other fields like modern cultural and tourism management, or quality gastronomy. This experience is a valuable and useful asset which will help bring our countries closer.

On the other hand, Spain and Việt Nam share a common sense of solidarity with the rest of the world in this time of difficulties, and we both defend the vaccine against COVID-19 to be considered a global common good. Our common objective is to not leave anyone behind. With this same principle in mind, Spain has also been at the forefront of the international community requesting for an alleviation of international debt for the most disadvantaged countries.

When COVID-19 started to spread around the globe, Spain had one objective when it came to foreign policy: not to allow the virus to separate us from our partners around the globe, but to turn it into an opportunity to strengthen our bilateral relations, as well as to foster multilateralism.

One day, COVID19 will be a memory and when that moment comes, Việt Nam and Spain will face the new era with stronger ties, facing a promising future together. To that end we are already working now. VNS

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