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Many break-throughs are to happen in the transport sector

Update: January, 21/2020 - 09:33

Nguyễn Văn Thể. — Photo

Nguyễn Văn Thể, Minister of Transport talks to the Thời báo Kinh tế (Economics Times) newspaper that the transport sector will do its best to achieve many breakthroughs to take the sector to a higher level

What were the major achievements in 2019 for Việt Nam's transport sector?

The year 2019 was a successful year for the transport sector in general and the Ministry of Transport (MoT) in particular.

The most notable success the MoT achieved last year was the completion of all the socio-economic tasks assigned to the ministry by the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Ministers.

In 2019, all legal documents drafted and promulgated by the MoT met their objectives of fairness and the expectations of the people and enterprises.

Transport safety was a highlight for the MoT in 2019. From January to November, the number of traffic accidents reduced by 5 per cent compared with 2018.

Regarding construction, all the important national construction projects were carried out in the given timeline. For example, the pre-feasibility study of the International Long Thành Airport has basically been completed and is on the Prime Minister’s table for approval of the total investment budget and the selection of investors. Regarding the construction of the North-South Expressway project, three public investment projects have already commenced. We hope the North-South Expressway project will be completed by the end of the 14th National Assembly legislature (2016-2021).

Can you give us an overview of the plan to apply modern technology in the transport sector?

Following a year of preparation, we have just completed 'the Proposal on Science and Technology Application in the Transport Sector'.

The project has three main components.

First, the use of science and technology in construction field based on big data has helped us to connect all five areas, including roads, railways, sea-routes, inland waterways and air route in the national transport plan.

Second, enhanced application of advanced technology and new materials will help develop large-scale and sustainable projects.

Third, all offices in the transport sector must use big data as an important tool in their management.

What measures will the MoT use to attract capital for construction via public-private partnerships?

Together with the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the MoT has advised the Government and the National Assembly to develop the Public-Private-Partnership Law. We are confident that if this law is enacted it will create a breakthrough in many fields, including the field of transport through its new policies which will promote transparency and accountability in attracting more resources in the infrastructure development including road making.

We are confident that when the Public-Private-Partnership Law is adopted it will help us mobilise capital from Vietnamese enterprises and the public through different channels, including the issuance of the Government bonds, project bonds and others.

What are the main missions assigned by the Government to the transport sector in 2020?

In 2020, the transport sector has been assigned with many missions and tasks, particularly improving State management in the transport sector including transport safety and transport projects assigned by the Government.

The first task is to develop policies and legal documents. We hope, in the year 2020, we will release a master law to replace many other laws and a decree to replace many other decrees. We hope in the next six months, all important legal documents relating to the transport sector, including the revision of Decree-45/2016 on penalties in cases of violations of road and rail transportation laws. We’ll also make public a new decree on the business and transport business conditions for vehicles to replace the current decree. We’re confident, with the fast development of science and technology and co-operation between agencies, including the Ministry of Public Security, local governments, enterprises and particularly drivers, we’ll be able to achieve a major breakthrough in transportation and establish law and order in the transport sector.

In 2020, the MoT will work with Đồng Nai Province's People’s Committee to finish the land resettlement mission of 1,810ha in the first phase of the Long Thành airport so that construction can start in 2021.

Regarding the North-South expressway in the east, the MoT plans to open an official bidding ceremony to select the investors in May. — VNS

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