Treetop International School adopts Upper Air UVC to ensure safe indoor air

January 11, 2021 - 03:23
Treetop International School adopts Upper Air UVC to ensure safe indoor air

Heightened hygiene standards to prepare for school re-opening in 2021


  • First education institution inMalaysia to install Upper Air UVGI disinfection to keep indoor air safe
  • 35 units of these revolutionaryair sterilizers installed, and works in tandem with split unit air conditioners
  • Active indoor air management isbecoming a new norm as business capacity returns

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - MediaOutReach - 22 December 2020 - Schools have been deeply impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic and virtualclassrooms have taken over physical ones. Whilst school premises remain emptyfor most of 2020, classes have been conducted in the digital environment,leaving many parents distraught over the challenge of lower engagement andincreased distractions as compared to physical classrooms environments, aformat which still yields superior results and deeper learning by students,according to assistant to MD of Tree Top International School, Ms Loh LinKhuan.


"We wanted to regain a safe indoor environmentso that students could be physically present and focus better in anexperiential learning environment. The online learning environment made itharder to develop inter-personal communication skills and also requires a lot ofself-discipline from the student. So it was critical for us to find a solutionto keep the indoor spaces in Tree Top at its safest level so as to reduce thelevel of anxiety everyone experienced for the better part of 2020" said Ms Loh


Like many other educational institutions, TreeTop International School uses split unit air-conditioning systems and thechallenge to sanitise over 350,000 cubic feet of indoor air proved to be a hugechallenge. Most of these systems do not allow for ventilation.


Ms Loh further added: "We have made efforts tosanitise surfaces but realised there was no systematic way to sanitise largevolumes of air without investing in intrusive air ducts and cumbersomeventilation blowers and filters. At the end of the day, students still want aquiet, cool learning environment which meant that air conditioners had to bekept running with the windows and doors shut to prevent heat, noise and dustfrom entering the premises. This put us in a difficult balance between the needfor a comfortable indoor environment and biologically clean air"

 "Asscientists started to uncover more evidence of airborne transmission ofCovid-19 and international guidelines were surfacing on how to prepare schoolpremises for safe indoor environment, we knew we had to find an effectivesolution to achieve safe indoor air fast and economically. 

Thisclassroom in Treetop International school features an Upper Air UVC luminairedesigned and supplied by


At the end of the day, the Tree TopInternational School management decided to proceed with the Upper Air UVCunits, supplied by, featuring a unique design that sanitisesincoming air with a UVC lamp and a photocatalytic air filter as it enters thesplit unit air conditioner.


"When we were first introduced to the idea ofthis UV attachment, we were sceptical how a simple UV light can purify theair, but after some research, we discovered it has been used successfully forover 70 years to fight Tuberculosis and Measles, both contagious airbornediseases. We realised It is indeed a very efficient way to biologically cleanthe indoor air, not much different from how our sun sanitises the outdoor air."


With this new air disinfection system inplace, perhaps there is fresh hope for a new normality for the students andteachers at Tree Top International School as they return to their learningenvironment with the help of these novel air sterilizers come January 2021.


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