Kincentric Best Employers Malaysia 2020 recognizes five outstanding organizations

December 17, 2020 - 09:01
Kincentric Best Employers Malaysia 2020 recognizes five outstanding organizations

KUALA LUMPUR,MALAYSIA - Media OutReach - 17 December 2020 - Kincentric, a SpencerStuart Company, has named five organizations as Best Employers Malaysia for2020, an acknowledgement of its leading employer benchmarking program whichmeasures and recognizes extraordinary employers demonstrating workplaceexcellence.


For20 years, the Kincentric Best Employers program has recognized leadingemployers across the world, backed by over 50 years of employee research and aglobal database of over 15 million employees.


Kincentric'sanalysis uncovered three key organizational traits from this year's BestEmployers - purposeful efforts in demonstrating care and concern, continuedinvestment in people despite challenges from the pandemic, and empoweringpeople to creatively find new or different business opportunities.

BestEmployers in Malaysia were evaluated and benchmarked across four criticaldifferentiating factors -- employee engagement, agility, engaging leadership andtalent focus.


Findingsfrom this year's study indicated:

  • Best Employers in the Malaysia continued to invest in creating a highly-engaged workforce, with an employee engagement score of 83%, compared with a market average of 70%  
  • While the unprecedented circumstances of 2020 created pressure on Best Employers, leaders at Best Employers differentiated them through humility and creating hope for future, with Best Employers at 79%, compared to market average of 69%
  • Compared to 65% market average, 80% of Best Employers invested in having the right technology to improve productivity and invested in ideas that could drive future success


KincentricBest Employers Malaysia for 2020 (in alphabetical order):

  • American Express (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
  • edotco Group Sdn Bhd
  • HartalegaSdn Bhd
  • Kulim(Malaysia) Berhad
  • Roche Services (Asia Pacific) SdnBhd. 


AmericanExpress (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd was also named "Best of the Best 2020", and has beeninducted into Malaysia's Hall of Fame, having won the accolade for the 10thconsecutive year. Integrated telecommunications infrastructureservices company,edotco Group Sdn Bhd also received a special recognition for 'Commitment toEngaging Leadership' in this year's honor roll.


"Our Kincentric Best Employers have found newand innovative ways to empower and motivate their people throughout a verychallenging year, producing results that truly speak for themselves. Today, wecelebrate and recognize these companies who have excelled in creating a workenvironment where people feel appreciated, are highly connected and inspired todo their best, every day. On behalf of Kincentric, I congratulate all the BestEmployers in Malaysia on their remarkable achievements," said Ridhima Khanduja,Malaysia's Country Head.   


Acknowledging efforts by organizations tocreate and drive employee experience amidst unprecedented challenges this year,Kincentric also introduced a special COVID Resilience Award. The recipients forthis Award utilized opportunities presented by the pandemic to create valuableand meaningful employee experiences in support of the organizations' survivaland road to recovery throughout the year.


KincentricCOVID Resilience Award (in alphabetical order):

  • TanChong Motor Holdings Berhad
  • TelekomMalaysia Berhad

Best Employers program is supported by anindependent panel of judges with this year's committee composed ofindustry-leading HR and business professionals Dato' Hamidah Naziadin,Independent Non-Executive Director of Maxis Berhad and Nestlé; Chong Chye Neo,Independent Director of Bursa Malaysia, Hong Leong Financial Group and HongLeong Bank; and Dato' Tharuma Rajah, Founder & CEO of Garage Analytics.


Commenting on this year's winners, Dato'Hamidah Naziadin said, "The new-normal thrives on care and emotional wellbeingof employees, and these people-centric approaches would in consonant towards asustainable business strategy. This year's Best Employers in Malaysiademonstrated trust, open communication and top team alignment, with cleardifferentiators of having a continuous approach undertaken in an agile manneracross employee experience initiatives. With the mantra "Define Reality, GiveHope & Communicate", American Express (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd initiated a notchup through the playbook for People Leaders, in support to deliver greatcolleague experiences in these unprecedented circumstances."


Stephen Hickey, Culture & Engagement GlobalPractice Leader at Kincentric, added, "This year, Kincentric recognizes theBest Employers from Malaysia for their outstanding efforts in minimizing theimpact that COVID-19 had on their workforce, while empowering employees toremain excellent in their efforts. Whilst not an easy feat, the Best Employersfrom Malaysia have found new ways to overcome their challenges and we want tocongratulate all of them and wish them even greater success in the years tocome."


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