Prudential provides SMEs access to Stash’s tailored incentive payment platform for employees

October 29, 2020 - 04:01
Prudential provides SMEs access to Stash’s tailored incentive payment platform for employees

PRUWorks offers solutions enabling businesses to build a more engaged workforce, as well as attract and retain talent


HONG KONG, CHINA / SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 29 October2020 - PrudentialCorporation Asia (Prudential) is providing its small and medium-sizedenterprises (SME) customers in Asia and Africa access to Stash's highly-customisabledigital incentive payment platform. The offering is available through PRUWorks,Prudential's one-stop digital platform for SMEs to manage their group insuranceand get access to curated value-added tools and services.

Based in Singapore, Stash aggregates digitalpayment interfaces to provide SMEs with a convenient and scalable way of presentingtheir employee benefits. Employees of Prudential's SME customers can enjoy awide range of flexible benefits relating to health, wellness and lifestyle offeredvia an extensive network of rewards partners.

Through the Pulse by Prudential mobile app, employeesof Prudential's SME customers can redeem their rewards through a variety ofdigital payment solutions, including mobile wallets, digital store cards, anddigital coupons, which are increasingly becoming preferred modes of transactionfor Asia and Africa's workforce.

Powered by artificial intelligence, Pulse is anall-on-one mobile app that enables users to manage their health and wealthholistically through easy access to advanced features and services, such as asymptom checker and health assessment, wellness content, and virtual consultationswith qualified doctors. The app is now available in 11 markets across Asia.

For SMEs and their employees, PRUWorks and Pulsewill soon become essential tools for running a successful business. Thebusiness and consumer-facing platforms combined, will provide meaningfulprotection and value-added solutions, as well as help SMEs ensure their employeesare engaged, productive and healthy.

Mr Dennis Ng, Chief Revenue Officer, SMEEcosystem/ Enterprise Business, Pulse Ecosystems Pte Ltd, part of Prudential plc, said, "Asa leading life insurer in Asia, Prudential is committed to supporting thegrowth of SMEs, which account for 40 per cent of the output of the region'seconomies. Yet, many SMEs lack the spending power to help them operateefficiently and are often unable to take advantage of the instruments ofsuccess.

"Prudential wants to help SMEs bridge thisgap. By offering SMEs access to an affordable and holistic employee benefitsprogramme through Pulse, we want to help them nurture a healthier, more engagedand more productive workforce. We believe this will also support their effortsto attract the best talent as well as retain their valuable employees in ahighly competitive environment," he added.

Mr JohnJess, Chief Executive Officer of Stash, said, "Stash isdelighted to be partnering with Prudential to support SMEs across the region byoffering a fresh approach to employee benefits and rewards. With the rapidlygrowing trend towards mobile payments, we understand the need to provide anadaptable solution that provides employees with greater choice and can easilyevolve and iterate with market trends, to align with customer needs andbehaviour continually."

About PRUWorks

PRUWorks isan SME-centric digital platform that broadens and simplifies access toinsurance and employee benefits, offering a customised suite of solutions thatmatches the specific size, needs and budgets of growing businesses across Asia.All so they can improve employee engagement, compete more effectively andcontinue to grow.

About Pulse by Prudential

Pulseby Prudential is a digital health app and the first of its kind in the regionto offer holistic health management to consumers. Using AI-powered self-helptools and real-time information, the app serves as a 24/7 health and wellnesspartner to users, helping them prevent, postpone, and protect against the onsetof diseases. Pulse is part of Prudential's region-wide strategyto provide affordable and accessible healthcare to everyone across Asia byleveraging digital technologies and best-in-class partnerships. 

Following the regional launch of Pulse in Malaysia inAugust 2019, Pulse is now available in a total of 11 markets across the regionand includes a growing suite of value-add services, such as a symptom checkerand health assessment, personal wellness services, and video consultations withcertified doctors and specialists.

Since its launch, Pulse has been downloadedmore than 11 million times in Asia to date. Pulse is currently available on theApple/Google Play stores in Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia,Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

For more information, and to download Pulse, log on to

About Prudential Corporation Asia

PrudentialCorporation Asia (Prudential) is a business unit of Prudential plc*, comprisingits life insurance operations in Asia and Africa, as well as its assetmanagement business, Eastspring Investments. Headquartered in Hong Kong,Prudential helps people get the most out of life through savings, protectionand investment solutions that meet their diverse and evolving needs.

Prudentialis a leading life insurer with operations spanning 13 markets in Asia, coveringCambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, thePhilippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. In Africa, Prudential hasa presence in eight markets, covering Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, Kenya,Nigeria, Togo, and Uganda. With a robust multi-channel distribution platform,Prudential delivers comprehensive and innovative solutions to more than 16million customers across the two continents.

EastspringInvestments manages investments in Asia on behalf of a wide range of retail andinstitutional investors. It is a leading Asia-based asset manager withon-the-ground presence in 11 major Asian markets as well as distributionoffices in North America and Europe. It has US$220 billion in assets undermanagement (as at 30 June 2020), managing funds across a range of asset classesincluding equities and fixed income.

Inline with the company's mission to make healthcare affordable and accessiblefor all, 'Pulse by Prudential' (Pulse) was first introduced in Malaysia inAugust 2019. Today, Pulse is available in 11 markets across Asia, and soonAfrica. The app uses AI-powered self-help tools and real-time information toserve as a 24/7 health and wellness partner to users, helping them prevent,postpone, and protect against the onset of diseases. As at October 2020, theapp has been downloaded more than 11 million times in Asia. For moreinformation, visit


*Prudential plc is listed on the stock exchanges of London (PRU.L), Hong Kong(2378.HK), Singapore (K6S.SG) and New York (PUK.N). It is not affiliated in anymanner with Prudential Financial, Inc. a company whose principal place ofbusiness is in the United States nor with The Prudential Assurance Company, asubsidiary of M&G plc, a company incorporated in the United Kingdom. 

About Stash

Stash is a technology-driven incentive payments business that has redesignedthe incentive landscape through an innovative suite of next-gen paymentsystems, for both SMEs and the broader consumer market.


Focused on providing a mobile-first solution that solves themulti-market challenge, Stash offers its partners efficiency and scale throughprogramme automation, via platforms designed to provide seamless userexperience and customer personalisation opportunities at every touch point.


With its headquarters in Singapore, Stash implements its payments ecosystemand programmes across the entire Asia Pacific region.

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