HappyFamily Launches New Nutritious Meal Replacement Product: DrMiow Professor Meal

October 27, 2020 - 12:35
HappyFamily Launches New Nutritious Meal Replacement Product: DrMiow Professor Meal

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - Media OutReach - 28 October2020 - In 2012, HappyFamily is foundedby Malaysia's renowned and outstanding iridology expert-- Master Tan. The company is established basedon Master Tan's strong belief in natural therapy -- through observing andanalyse the iris to identify an individual's health condition before proceedinginto restoring and improving his/her overall health.

In the beginning, HappyLiva is the onlysignature product of the company which has an extraordinary effect in reducingpathogenic heat. Whenever consumers feel like having a headache or inflamed,they need only consume a sachet or two to effectively relief their discomfort.Now, HappyFamily is going to launch its new nutritious meal replacement - DrMiow Professor Meal.

As of today, DrMiow Professor Meal isHappyFamily's finest masterpiece. It is a fruitful result discovered by the R&D teamafter years of careful research - a formulation base on popular European foodingredients consist of quality protein and rich fibre. The formulation not onlyenhances our metabolism but also easily boost our satiety and energy afterconsumption.

A DrMiow Per Meal, Keeps You Healthy forAll Day

As a meal replacement that emphasizes onlow fat, low calorie, and comprehensive nutrition, DrMiow upholds the healthconcept of "a sachet equals a meal, easy with no burden". DrMiowpossesses high-quality rice albumin and whey protein that can replace legumeproteins usually used in general meal replacements. As a result, DrMiow iseasier to digest and will not result in bloating. Apart from that, it alsocontains chia seeds that provide essential plant fibres and omega-3 fatty acidwhich are effective in removing bad cholesterol, improve blood circulation,relief soreness and numbness, and many other health benefits.

DrMiow also includes Promoat glucan that isproven effective in reducing cholesterol, uric acid, and body fat. This is anessential factor that can improve 3 highs issues and protect our cardiovascularsystem; the 2-FL human milk oligosaccharides (HMO), on the other hand, is anecessary immunity-related prebiotic that is beneficial to our gastrointestinalsystem and immune system. Last but not least, DrMiow also provides variousnutrients and minerals that can replenish our everyday stamina and energy tokeep us vital for daily activities.

"A tiny sachet of DrMiow is enough tokeep us sated for 4 to 6 hours. It not only caters to the needs of weightmanagement for many women, but also resolves breakfast issues of students andthe trouble of office workers who are too busy to finish a proper meal," said Master Tan, founder of HappyFamily.

DrMiow Online Livestream ProductLaunch: Giveaway Rewards and Charity

On 8th November, 8pm,HappyFamily will livestream the product's launch event through their officialFacebook page, HappyFamily2u. The renowned host Mc Jo is invited as theproduct's spokesperson as well as the MC of the event.

In order to thank fans and consumers fortheir support, the livestream is ready to give away cash prizes up to RM2,000,as well as DrMiow products and rewards worth of RM20,000 to lucky winners. Shouldanyone be interested, orders can be placed through the official Facebook pageor Shopee after the product launch. Both the page name of Facebook and Shopeeare the same, which is HappyFamily2u.

In addition, the launch event is alsoinclusive of charity campaign. For every DrMiow's bundle package sold (a package is consist of 4 boxesof product), HappyFamily will donate one box of DrMiow Professor Meal toShi Fang Elderly Care Centre (Pertubuhan Kebajikan Shi Fang) and others charitable organizations.

Official Facebook page: HappyFamily2u                Shopee official store:HappyFamily2u