Leader Radio Technologies Pte Ltd. (LRT) Launches Air Supply Personal Ionic Air Purifiers that eliminates 95% of Harmful Substances and Germs

March 13, 2020 - 05:33
Leader Radio Technologies Pte Ltd. (LRT) Launches Air Supply Personal Ionic Air Purifiers that eliminates 95% of Harmful Substances and Germs

Time to Step-Up Protection with More Confirmed Coronavirus Cases in Singapore


SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 11st March, 2020 - With the number of confirmed coronavirus cases surged to 166 in Singapore, Leader Radio Technologies Pte Ltd. (LRT) is here to step-up defence for you and your loved ones. LRT officially became the Greater China and Singapore agent of the American brand Wein Products, launching Air Supply Personal Ionic Air Purifiers series, an ideal protection against coronavirus.

About Wein Products Inc.

Wein Products Inc. is a company established in the United States in 1964 to develop revolutionary air purification technology. Stan Weinberg, founder of Wein Products created the first wearable ionic air purifier, which can effectively purify harmful substances in the air. It can be described as the ancestor of the same type of products.


Wein's revolutionary air purification system is a filter-free and nearly ozone-free design. It uses advanced technology to effectively filter harmful pollutants such as smoke, bacteria, viruses, and odors that other brands cannot remove, allowing users to breathe clean, fresh air anytime, anywhere. Wein Products provide home, bedroom, car air purifiers and Air Supply® portable air purifiers that provide all-round purification protection.


Wein's products have been recognized by top scientists and scientific research institutions, and have been certified by the famous aerosol researcher Dr. Grinshpun. The products can effectively reduce pollutants inhaled by the human body and protect us from disease infection. Wein Products Inc. cares about the environment and will continue to develop efficient and safe air purification solutions in the future.


Air Supply® Rechargeable Personal Ionic Air Purifier

There are three types of air purifiers: AS300R, AS180i and AS150MM. With decades of rich experience, Wein can be described as the leader of similar products and deeply understand the importance of focusing on eliminating bacteria. Each of Wein's purifiers is specially designed. You will feel a gentle "ion wind" spraying on your face when you use it. The advantage of this design is to direct the ions in the purifier to users' nose and mouth, effectively avoiding them inhaling bacteria. While other purifier brands in the market, ions are released from multiple directions, and bacteria or other impurities in the nose and nose direction cannot be concentrated.

AS180i and AS150MM Model: Powerful battery life

Air Supply Personal Ionic Air Purifiers AS180i and AS150MM are equipped with a neck strap and use lithium batteries, which can be used continuously for around 40 hours and 50 hours, respectively, so that you are always away from bacteria and pollutants. Compared with AS150MM models, the air purification rate of AS180i is 30% higher, which can purify the surrounding air at a high speed and form a powerful protective screen. The battery is designed to be replaceable and supports CR123A lithium batteries and rechargeable lithium batteries. This design makes the product life cycle longer and more durable.

AS300R model: Light with strong purification power

Air Supply's personal portable ion air purifier AS300R can release 50 million ions per cubic centimeter. These ions are adsorbed on germs, pollen, cigarette smoke, dust and other floating particles, causing them to be charged, and then forced out of one human respiratory area such as Eyes, nose and mouth. It creates a particle-free exclusion zone for toxic pollutants and contaminants in the breathing zone. The purifier effectively removes 0.04 to 3 microns in size, including PM2.5, dust, pollen, smoke, viruses and allergens, etc., effectively resists allergies and asthma.


Ultra-lightweight; your best weapon against Coronavirus

This ultra-lightweight, wearable unit propels cleaner, fresher and healthier air into your personal breathing zone. In addition hanging the neck, it can be placed in the heart pocket of a shirt or stand on a desk. Since the filtering principle is not used, there is no need to replace the filter. Air Supply's personal ionic air purifier AS300R is charged by USB and can be used continuously for 28 hours after about 3 to 5 hours of charging. Ideal for airplanes, cinemas, waiting rooms or outdoors with poor air quality indexes.


Professional authorization

Air Supply Personal Ionic Air Purifiers have been recognized by leading experts from the Center for Health-Related Aerosol Studies of the University of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. All products obtained 95% removal rate in the bacterial removal experiment of the University of California, Los Angeles, and holds multiple US patents.








2½" x 1½" x 0.85

2" x 3" x ⅔"





with neck strap and CR123A lithium battery

with USB cable and neck strap

Ion density

1.5 million / cubic centimeter

50 million / cubic centimeter

Air purification rate

18m / min

15m / min

Ozone level

Less than 0.028 ppm (ultra-low concentration, no effect on human health)


Replaceable battery design, support CR123A lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery

USB Charging

Battery life

Around 50 hours

Around 40 hours

Charging 3-5 hours for 28 hours


- US assembly and testing

- US assembly and testing
- Compared with AS150MM, the air purification rate is 30% higher


Product and suggested retail price:

Air Supply Personal Ionic Air Purifiers are now available at weareready.sg, airsupply.sg and designated retailers. For more information, please visit: airsupply.sg.


Products/ Models

Suggested Retail Price

Air Supply Rechargeable Personal Ionic Air Purifier AS-300R

Air Supply Personal Ionic Air Purifier AS180i

Air Supply Personal Ionic Air Purifier AS150MM




Purchase Air Supply Personal Ionic Air Purifier AS180i or AS150MM and get one CR123A battery.





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