Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA) Thailand's Chlorine Next Honored at the International Innovation Awards 2019 in Singapore

December 17, 2019 - 09:23
Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA) Thailand's Chlorine Next Honored at the International Innovation Awards 2019 in Singapore

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 18 December 2019 - Enterprise Asia announced the winners of the International Innovation Awards 2019 in Singapore. Thirty-five products, services and organizations are named as award winners from over 160 submissions.


"There are not conventional 'innovations'. When we set out to identify winners of the International Innovation Awards, our goal is to present a broad spectrum of innovations that could spur greater innovation in the recipients' respective countries and industries. Just as innovation itself is continuously self-redefining, the awards are meant to promote continuity in innovation", said Dato' William Ng, president of Enterprise Asia.


Among the notable recipients of the InnoCube are AIA Malaysia, Taiwan's HIWIN Technologies Corp., Singapore's Olam International Ltd., Philippines' Unilever, Indonesia's PT MRT Jakarta, and United Arab Emirates' Roads and Transport Authority and Vietnam's Tan Hoang Minh Group.


Organized annually by Enterprise Asia, the International Innovation Awards is among the most coveted global awards for innovation and aims to recognize best innovations in the categories of Product, Service & Solution, and Organization & Culture. This year's judging panel include Martin Daffner, founder of Innobrix, Professor Nadia Thalmann of Nanyang Technological University, Professor Natcha Thawesaengskulthai of Chulalongkorn University, Makoto Shibata of FINOLAB, The FinTech Center of Tokyo and Anna Simpson of Flux Compass.


"These are the trailblazers of our world. Beyond the obvious commercial value, these innovations are what would power the world forward, individually and collectively. I hope that more companies and organizations would realize that constant innovation is not a luxury, but necessity", says Ng.

About Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA) Thailand’s Chlorine Next

MetropolitanWaterworks Authority (MWA), Thailand is responsible for providing tap water tocustomers in 3,195 service area. Since the area is spaciousand has complicated pipeline network, the chlorine retention time is long. The effective re-chlorination in the distribution system plays a keyrole to maintain free residual chlorine (FRC) in the entire pipelinesystem to prevent post contamination in case that there are pipe breaks. In addition to chlorinationat water treatment plants, MWA also has chlorine boosting system at 9 waterpumping stations to control FRC until the end of pipelines network.


"Chlorine Next",a user-friendly mobileapplication, is invented to be used as a single control point for chlorinedosing in water distribution system. Chlorine Next can be used to control and monitor chlorine dosage 24/7 and can provide suggestions about proper boostingdosage complying with WHO guideline values for drinking water that the chlorinehas to be higher than 0.2 mg/l. Using Chlorine Next,we can provide customers quality tap water anywhere and anytime. Chlorine Next is aninnovation that responds to SDGs in many aspects such as providing clean waterand sanitation to people, making sustainable communities and improving people's good health.

About Enterprise Asia

Enterprise Asia strives to create an Asia that is rich inentrepreneurship as an engine towards sustainable and progressive economic andsocial development reinforced by its strong pillars of: DemocratizingEntrepreneurship, Institutionalizing Sustainability and Empowering Innovation.

About International Innovation Awards

The International Innovation Awards is an annual regionalrecognition program that recognizes outstanding innovations, and in theprocess, encouraging organizations to continue investing in innovations. For moreinformation on the International Innovation Awards 2019, please visit