SingularDTV Launches First Censorship Resistant Media DAO

November 20, 2019 - 08:25
SingularDTV Launches First Censorship Resistant Media DAO

A Community-Owned, Self-Adaptive Distribution Protocol Governed by SNGLS DAO


HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - 20 November 2019 - SingularDTV announces the SNGLS DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization designed to govern the world's first Media Distribution Protocol powered by the Ethereum blockchain.  


In development by SingularDTV, the protocol and DAO will work together to resist censorship as well as data and revenue obfuscation content creators experience on such platforms as YouTube, Spotify and Netflix.


The SNGLS DAO will provide the protocol with a democratic governance system powered by SingularDTV's programmable token, SNGLS.  SNGLS launched in 2016 as a TGE, "token generation event," aka ICO.  SingularDTV's mission is to give content creators control over their intellectual property and the money it generates during the distribution process.


In February 2019, SingularDTV launched the protocol's first decentralized application, the blockchain-powered streaming platform, Breaker.  Breaker will be the first streaming platform to test the interoperability of the SNGLS Media Distribution Protocol and the SNGLS DAO.


"By creating a community-owned censorship resistant media DAO," explains Troy Murray, co-architect of the SNGLS DAO. "The community takes control of their expression. We flip the system from a top-down corporate zombie model to a bottom-up approach.  Culture created not in a boardroom, but by the common collective of people. If the DAO fails through the emergence of destructive forces, or is challenged by minority or alternative views, the protocol can be forked and started over, or taken in different directions with new values using the open source tools we provide."


For more information on the SNGLS DAO, visit  Read SingularDTV, SNGLS DAO, SNGLS and Breaker for more information on how the various parts of the entertainment ecosystem fit together.   


"We're building a Web 3.0 entertainment ecosystem," explains SingularDTV co-founder, Zach LeBeau. "Imagine the protocol as the garden. Content and applications are its flowers. The gardeners are the DAO. SNGLS are the water that make everything grow." 

About SingularDTV (S-DTV) and the SNGLS DAO

Founded in 2016, SingularDTV is laying the foundation for a decentralized entertainment industry with its SNGLS Media Distribution Protocol, SNGLS DAO, SNGLS token and streaming portal Breaker.


SNGLS DAO Whitepaper

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