Goxip, Asia's Biggest Fashion and Beauty Search Platform, Finally Launches in Singapore

August 15, 2019 - 06:21
Goxip, Asia's Biggest Fashion and Beauty Search Platform, Finally Launches in Singapore

Goxip allows you to search, compare and shop any product from over 36000 brands and 500 international retailers.


JulietteGimenez, Co-founder and CEO of Goxip

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 15 August 2019 - Have youever heard about Goxip? Goxip iswhat you have been looking for if you want to shop and compare products acrossfashion and beauty brands. The app aggregates in one place over 6 million itemsfrom over 500 international retailers like Net-a-Porter, Farfetch, ASOS and brands such as Nike, AlexanderMcQueen, Topshop.

Just open the app, search for a brand/product using text orimages and you will be able to find and compare allthe items that match your criteria. After that, you can refine your search,find the best deal and land to the merchant website to purchase the item. Theapp is powered by image recognition technology that allows users to uploadimages or screenshots (example, a picture from a fashion magazine) and findwhat's similar in shape, colour, pattern. Itliterally takes seconds to shop anything youdesire.

So, for example, if you are looking for a specific branded bag(say a Gucci tote bag), Goxip allows you to find in one place all the retailersthat are selling it and get the cheapest item. Alternative would be to searchfor it on each and every retailer store and compare items across differentapps/websites, which is time consuming and still might not get you the bestdeal.

"Singaporeansand Hong Kongers are very similar in terms of purchasing behavior, expatdemographics and internationalization. This tops our confidence to scalefurther and reach new heights in Singapore!" Juliette Gimenez, Co-founder andCEO of Goxip

JulietteGimenez,Co-founder and CEO of Goxip, said:"I believe Singapore to be an extremely good opportunity for Goxip to expandits user base and sales. We reached over 15 million in sales in Hong Kong inthe last two years, with over 600,000 Monthly Active Users and close to amillion downloads of our App globally. Singaporeans and Hong Kongers are verysimilar in terms of purchasing behavior, expat demographics andinternationalization. This tops our confidence to scale further and reach newheights in Singapore!"

Theexpansion is part of Goxip strategy to penetrate more APAC countries on top ofits home base -- Hong Kong. Goxip gained significant traction in Hong Kong sinceits launch in 2017 and plans to expand to further geos such as Middle-East andOceania. Goxip team is also increasing in size to allow its business to growand launch new exciting features for its website and app.

ChryseisTan,one of the most popular Key Influencersin Asia and also Goxip's seed investor : "I'm really supportive in thisstrategic move. I strongly believe in Goxip business model and also with ournew product launch of RewardSnap late last year, the traction of rewardSnap isvery promising with good penetration in SG, MY and Korea already in the last 6months followed by many campaigns launched in the region with our Globalfashion partners. I cannot be more excited about this move!"

Goxip also offers two sections to get you inspired with latesttrends in fashion and beauty. In the Looks feed, you can followinfluencers (such as MelissaKohand CamiraAsrori),engage with them and seamlessly shop their outfits.In the Magazine section, you can read about your favorite celebrities, shopwhat they are wearing and find out what's fashionable right now.

Goxip App is available on both Android and iOS. You can follow Goxipon Instagram and Facebook.