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Reeracoen released “Ultratech”, as the first ever prepayment salary service in Indonesia

Update: November, 14/2018 - 06:02

This new launch of HRtech service is aimed to provide welfare benefits to employees to improve their quality of work.


JAKARTA, INDONESIA - Media OutReach - 15th November 2018 - PT. Reeracoen Indonesia announced the launch of new HRtech service "Ultratech" that is capable to pay salary in advance to employees based on their performance and salary scale. It does not require customers to set up any bank account for their employees, or to change their payroll system or HR systems. On top of that, it does not require any extra man-hours at all. If a customer subscribes to "Ultratech" today, employee will be able to receive the payment by next morning at latest. Customers may easily subscribe to this service via smart phone, laptop, or any computer. Since the launch date in May, 2018, more than 100 companies with over 40,000 employees are using this service.


"We are planning to expand our users up to 50,000 within a year." said Mr. Suryanto Wijaya, President Director of Reeracoen Indonesia. The objective of Reeracoen Indonesia is to contribute wholeheartedly for employees in Indonesia by creating such an environment where HRtech service becomes available for anyone to access and to finally make the society to be flexible to live together.


Mr.Suryanto established Reeracoen Indonesia in 2013 to provide recruitment service and HRtech. Over the course of years, he found out that there are many demands from employees who request for advance salary due to shortage of living expenses. At the same time some employees are unable to pay back to their employers which also led to a business issue for employers. These have become Indonesia's social issue in which the government has also been trying to solve by implementing some policies. "Reeracoen Indonesia's mission is to solve this social issue with 'Human' and 'Technology'. We wish to improve Indonesia's Financial Inclusion from these kind of situations." stated Mr.Suryanto.


Reeracoen Indonesia aims to solve Indonesia's financial risks which have become social issue and encourage people to have healthy and happy working style by supporting employees to have better working performance and bringing enrichment to the current welfare program.


About PT. Reeracoen Indonesia

Reeracoen Indonesia is highly specialized in providing human resources and recruitment solutions offering a seamless and fast-paced service. Established its office in Indonesia in 2013, they focus on delivering a wide range of staffing solutions for most organizations across Indonesia which enable their potential clients access top-notch candidate pool and consequently meet their business' needs and goals. Reeracoen has established experienced recruitment consultants to help qualified personnel in finding the right career opportunities and enhancing their workforce potential.   

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