DasCoin Board Elects Industrial Heavyweight Eberhard Wedekind As Its New Chairman

September 27, 2018 - 03:40
DasCoin Board Elects Industrial Heavyweight Eberhard Wedekind As Its New Chairman

Volvo andLinde Group veteran to lead Board of Directors


LONDON,UK - Media OutReach - September26th, 2018 - Effectiveimmediately, former Deputy CEO and Executive Vice President Volvo CE, EberhardWedekind, has been unanimously elected as the Chairman of the Dascoin Board.DasCoin is a blockchain based currency which is at the center of arevolutionary digital asset system.


Wedekindsteps up from his role as a non-executive director after first joining DasCoinearly last year.


DasCoinCEO and founder Michael Mathias said: "The election of Eberhard as Chairmanbegins a whole new chapter of growth for DasCoin. His long career of solidbusiness success adds valued international oversight to our top-class Board. Thisis another significant step to establishing DasCoin as the internationalcurrency as trust. I'd also like to express my appreciation for the manycontribution and passionate commitment of Anna Heijka, our former Chairman. Hersudden passing earlier this month came as a shock to everyone in our communityand she is sorely missed by us all."


Wedekindwill oversee DasCoin and help guide its rapid expansion. The currency iscurrently listed on five exchanges:  CoinBene,IDAX, CoinFalcon, BTC-Alpha and EUBX.


Commentingon his appointment, Wedekind said: "I'm thrilled to be a part of the continuingsuccess of DasCoin. I'm convinced it will revolutionize the way we pay forgoods and services, whilst shaping our future relationship with money."


Wedekindspent more than 20 years at The Volvo Group and previously held leadershiproles at The Linde Group, the world's largest industrial gas business. He holdsa PhD. in business studies and an MSc. in computer science.


About DasCoin: DasCoin is a better way tostore and exchange value and is the next step in the evolution of money.


DasCoin is theblockchain-based currency at the center of an innovative digital asset systemthat seeks to optimize the strengths and eliminate the weaknesses of existingcurrency systems. It is fast, efficient, balanced, secure and scalable.

DasCoin is focused on creating a digital currency that deliverssuperior performance through greater operational efficiency, increasedtransaction capacity, wider distribution, better governance and greaterregulatory compliance. Protected by industry leading security protocols and apermissioned blockchain, DasCoin is a pioneer in the sector with the goal ofbecoming the world's first mainstream digital currency.




The DasCoin codebase can be viewed on GitHub and visit DasCoinExplorer to see blocks built in real time