Happy Rainy Days Announces Launch of the Perfectly Functional Umbrella

June 01, 2023 - 03:46
Happy Rainy Days Announces Launch of the Perfectly Functional Umbrella
SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 1 June 2023 - Happy Rainy Days, a Hong Kong brand with a mission to brighten up every dreary weather, has shown unwavering dedication to designing umbrellas that are meant to last for years. It upholds the spirit of unremitting pursuit of excellence. With unrivaled quality and durability, its distinctive HR001 series is popular in Hong Kong and overseas.

Since an umbrella is made up of countless tiny parts, each with the possibilities to fall off, become bent or otherwise crooked under stress. Therefore, umbrellas often break not only because of the great wind, but also related to the poor assembly process. Merging Hong Kong's modern design and Taiwan's traditional craftsmanship, Happy Rainy Days ensures the quality for every part of its umbrella.
Happy Rainy Days produces only the finest umbrellas with a high level of craftsmanship. The brand poured all heart and passion into producing an umbrella that can brave rain, wind and sun. From fabric selection to frame shaping, a total of 13 highly sophisticated hand-finishing procedures are included.

Umbrella With Extra Strength And Water Resistance
To make sure the umbrella will never break easily under strong gusts and be able to hold up for the long haul, Happy Rainy specifically chose carbon fiber as the core material of the umbrella ribs.
Umbrella made with carbon fiber is much lighter than other existing materials, but still maintaining greatest strength and stability. By applying a carbon fiber frame architecture fused with ballistic grade polycarbonate joints in its products, Happy Rainy Days sets a whole new standard in wind resistance, transforming the traditional disposable umbrella into a merely defeatable shield against any unexpected weather conditions.
With a special touch on the umbrella fabrics, Happy Rainy Days is also equipped with extraordinary water repellency. Mira Toray is a top-rated waterproof cloth developed by Toray, which consists of high-density fibers of fine denier yarn that makes it possible to get rid of all raindrops with just one single swing. Nylon and polyester might be cheap, but these clothes always lose the water-repellent efficacy through everyday use. On the contrary, Mira Toray guarantees a long-lasting water repellency as water droplets roll off the fabric easier, resulting in a more outstanding drainage as well as greater durability.
No More Rusting With Aluminum Umbrella Pole
Being held under damp, rainy and dull weather frequently, it is not surprising to see rusts start spreading on the umbrella shaft, regardless of how hard users have tried to keep it dry. Positioned as a human-centric design, Happy Rainy Days is devoted to tackling this problem at the root by adopting one of the few metals that have excellent resistance to corrosion - aluminum.
Happy Rainy Days' umbrella has an ultra aluminum rod at its core, which makes a great addition to the HR001 series. Apart from being innately malleable and sturdy, the aluminum shaft also offers a high level of protection against environmental deterioration. Together with all the other features, the quality of this umbrella's construction is unquestionably outstanding and will last for many years.
Company Profile
Happy Rainy Days is managed by Castle Time Company PTE Ltd. All umbrellas are tested in SGS for non-toxic substances, UV cut level, and water repellant testing, to ensure the safety and reliability before launching to the market.
Over the past 30 years, Happy Rainy Days has been selling over 10 million umbrellas and over 1 million light and water repellent UV cut umbrellas in the world.
It can now be ordered via Shopee.

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