RiVERSE signs MOU with Various Parties to March towards a Future Digital Economy

August 29, 2022 - 14:26
RiVERSE signs MOU with Various Parties to March towards a Future Digital Economy
KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - Media OutReach - 29 August 2022 - Web3 oriented software company, RiVERSE held its first official launch event on July 13, 2022 to commemorate its collaboration with various influential parties, including its global partners and their representatives from Thailand, Cambodia, and the Middle East. The launch also saw partnership collaborations with RiLabs, Ms Riverse along with business collaborators Marathon Corporate Services Limited Trust (MCT).
The MOU Signing between RIVERSE's Mr Rex Yeap (left) and Tencent Cloud's General Manager's Mr Kenneth Siow (right) was a resounding success!

The launch event held in Malaysia sought to establish an alliance between RiVERSE and its various partners towards further development of RiVERSE’s virtual universe. This is an important milestone for RiVERSE as it signifies the first step of progression towards improving and transforming the global digital economy into Web3.0 industry. The event was very well received with great attendance by many influential partners and figures from all over the world.
Speaking on the occasion, Co-Founder of RiVERSE, Mr Rex Yeap, shared that, `In order to realize and achieve our unified goal, each Memorandum signing aims at completing different objectives for our collaboration.” Aside from the collaborators signing MoUs, attendees at the event also benefitted largely as they were able to gain insight into the workings of RiVERSE, its infrastructure, and its features such as RiLabs, RiChain and MemoRi.
Mr Rex Yeap also illustrated the importance of each feature under the RiVERSE Ecosystem as well as its impact on the global economy.
RiVERSE explores Tencent Cloud’s solutions for its Web 3.0-enabled Ecosystem
As the technology enabler of RiVERSE, Tencent Cloud will offer a wide range of solutions and infrastructure support, including Tencent Cloud’s Blockchain as a Service (TbaaS) for RiVERSE to develop its own private blockchain, as well as Cloud Virtual Machine (CVM), Cloud Block Storage (CBS), Cloud Load Balancer (CLB) to enable RiVERSE’s business and render real-life avatars for their virtual universe.
In line with Tencent Cloud’s vision to empower the world with advanced technologies, Mr Rex Yeap shared, “Tencent Cloud has a complete solution ecosystem with track records in enabling businesses across industries to transform digitally. RiVERSE would like to achieve the next level of business transformation by leveraging Tencent Cloud’s leading solutions in order to build a Web 3-enabled business ecosystem RiVERSE Virtual Universe for our customers.”Hashtag: #RiVERSE

About RiVERSE:

RiVERSE is a web3 oriented software company that focuses on creating innovative financial applications, decentralized digital economic and virtual platforms like Virtual Universe and NFT marketplaces using advanced technologies comprising Blockchain, Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, IoT and more.
One of its main features is the implementation of a Virtual Universe. The Virtual Universe is a digital twin of the world that is searchable, clickable, and machine-readable. It is an alternate digital reality where people work, play, and socialise.
The Virtual Universe was created during the COVID-19 pandemic and aimed to drive the digital economy during times of crisis. Many companies are seizing this golden opportunity to expand their businesses onto the Virtual Universe and drive the new era of economics.
RiVERSE firmly believes that the Virtual Universe is the first step to creating a new era of digital economy, and forming the foundation to shape and drive the world’s economy.

About RiVERSE Ecosystem:

RiVERSE’s core business comprises three main products including NFT (RiLex), Virtual Universe (MemoRi) and Blockchain (RiChain). Each of these products is a key component of RIVERSE and vital to its operations and development of a new digital economy. By incorporating web3.0 technologies in each of the components, RiVERSE is able to create state-of-the-art solutions for various industries that will lead to new job opportunities for users in the fields of finance, supply chain management, healthcare, arts and fashion, retail, cross-border trade and more. RiVERSE will provide job opportunities as a means to improve the state of the global economy and introduce a new method of work for the Web 3.0 era.
More information about the MoU Partners’ can be found here:

MOU Signing RiVERSE X Global Partners: The collaboration with Thailand, Cambodia and the Middle East aims to focus on promotion of the cultural arts of its partner countries, thereby allowing tourists to experience its cultural heritage globally through RiVERSE’s Virtual Universe.
MOU Signing RiVERSE X RiLabs: With plans to create value in beauty pageants and implementing a pageant show in the immediate future, RiVERSE aims to showcase the potential of RiLabs by hosting one of the most welcoming events in the world.
Business Cooperation MOU Signing between RiVERSE X Marathon Corporate Services Limited Trust (MCT): The partnership between MCT and RiVERSE aims to bring great potential in the development of Web 3.0 and therefore together be part of this transformational journey.
RiVERSE hopes that through these worldwide collaborations their virtual universe will be able to make its first mark on the world, and inspire many others to join the cause for a better tomorrow and a brighter future.