House 44 Bridges the Physical World with Virtual Realms with The Ark

July 13, 2022 - 08:57
House 44 Bridges the Physical World with Virtual Realms with The Ark

The pioneering members club brings together a community of like-minded individuals and entrepreneurs through a new, shared reality

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 13 July 2022 - With geek-cool tech terms such as ‘the metaverse’, ‘web 3.0’ and ‘blockchain’ dominating the discourse in today’s tech-driven digital age, there is no question that the way in which we work, play and interact is going to look vastly different in the not-too-distant future. For some, this unfamiliar new-age territory can be rather daunting. Breaking down these barriers for those who wish to immerse themselves in this ground-breaking ‘new reality’ is Hong Kong-based community organisation, House 44. First established in 2020 as a referral-only membership club — connecting like-minded individuals while leveraging individual members’ assets and expertise — House 44 is now expanding to a parallel virtual space by establishing its own digital frontier at the cutting edge of technology with its newest initiative, The Ark.

“The way our society is built and the way it functions today tends to favour those who come from a privileged background, and it can be difficult for others to find adequate resources and guidance. House 44 was created to eradicate these inequalities by giving people the resources they need, and in turn a fair chance to achieve success,” said Roland Li, Co-founder of House 44.
‘The Ark’: The House 44 Metaverse
With the onset of the pandemic and its lasting effects on society, there is no denying that nearly every aspect of our daily life is changing dramatically. Now, more than ever, people need a second space outside of the real world. Leveraging the power of the digital space, House 44 is determined to bring this alternate reality to its members, as the first members community with its own functional metaverse in Hong Kong. Named ‘The Ark’, a fitting title to denote a genesis or new beginnings, the House 44 metaverse allows members and friends to meet in the virtual world, connect, socialise and play games, and even attend masterclasses covering a wide range of subjects from crypto trading and NFT investments, to more leisurely pursuits such as wine appreciation and cooking classes.
In this virtual world, members can also learn more about House 44’s history and roots, its various services and how they can be leveraged to grow real-world businesses. What’s more, this embrace of the digital realm is the first step in House 44’s ambitions to expand globally. With active members already in the UK and Singapore, House 44 and ‘The Ark’ aim to bring everyone together under one umbrella, bridging continents, connecting mind-sets and facilitating innovation and creation.
“Innovation is the catalyst for rapid expansion,” said Roland. “Our metaverse is something that we envision as a space to facilitate growth, and as a company that is constantly on the lookout for the next frontier, we are beyond excited to dive into this realm and its infinite possibilities.”
Where Digital Assets Flourish
In a world where the term ‘metaverse’ is still often met with raised eyebrows and question marks, it is common to hear: “Why is the metaverse important, and what does it actually mean?” As one of the companies in Asia leading the exploration of the metaverse, House 44 envisions a world where this still-niche concept has flourished into a common one, where people are able to effortlessly move between physical and virtual realms, while leveraging the advantages of both. From digital ownership to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), virtual experiences are the future, and the applications are endless. Whether it’s setting up a virtual productivity platform for your company or exploiting virtual avenues to drive marketing and recognition for your product, successful business owners need to have fluency with this new landscape.
With non-fungible tokens garnering increasingly more interest in recent years, House 44 is not only equipping its community with a deeper understanding of the value of digital assets and how to invest in these projects, but also has plans to introduce its very own NFT collection. Involving several members in the process of production, these stakeholders, including many new members of ‘The Ark’, will be able to collect, trade and buy into the art. Not only that, holders of House 44’s NFTs will have access to exclusive content and unique experiences, making this a highly anticipated project for the web 3.0 space.
From Work to Play: The Next Frontier
Inviting its members to dip their toes in this wild and limitless universe, ‘The Ark’ epitomises a trailblazing space where work meets pleasure. Modelled after retro role-playing games (RPGs) from the 90s with nods to cult classic games such as Final Fantasy, members are welcomed into a fully interactive experience within the metaverse. Key highlights include co-working spaces to share ideas and converse about business, as well as breakout areas for entertainment and socialising. As the metaverse expands, ‘The Ark’ will be the central assembly point for House 44 meetings and events, where everything from investment tips to cooking recipes will be shared.
“One key resource that many lack is a network or community that allows them to leverage and tap into other peoples' expertise and experience. This is especially important in today's world where, time and time again, the most successful businesses and brands always have the strongest community to support them,” said Felix Li, Co-founder of House 44.
With the overarching vision to provide people from all walks of life with more resources and the tools they need to succeed and flourish, House 44 is fully invested in materialising its vision for ‘The Ark’, creating a ground-breaking space for the next generation of entrepreneurs. Society is inarguably on a fast-moving trajectory toward the expansion of virtual worlds, and it is imperative that House 44 sets the stage for this digital transformation. Through this initiative, Roland and Felix hope to empower House 44’s members to reach new heights in this arena.
With an exciting line-up in store and the imminent launch of ‘The Ark’ at hand, House 44 is now opening its doors for membership applications. For more information on requirements and fees, please visit or send an email to
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About House 44

House 44 is a hybrid offline and online SoFi (social finance) platform, driven by a passionate and fun-loving community. Considered as an angel number, ‘44’ denotes the achievements and success which come with dedication and hard work, both individually and as a team. House 44 was established based on these values, connecting people and offering a community where these virtues are practiced. The company’s main mission is to provide access to the industry’s top utilities and assets for members and partners, creating an environment where entrepreneurship, innovation, and the creation of wealth can prosper.
Since founding the company in 2020, brothers Roland and Felix Li have extended the brand to include health, beauty and fitness; entertainment and lifestyle; education; and wealth creation as its core pillars. In 2022, the company launched ‘The Ark’, one of Asia’s first digital metaverses where the House 44 community can connect and be inspired.
Roland and Felix Li are long-time entrepreneurs, having invested in, and started a number of business ventures over the past decade. Throughout their years of experimentation within different industries and working with a wide range of people, the one common occurrence they found was how a lack of resources and mentorship could often make entrepreneurship an impossible task, particularly for those coming from lower-income or under-privileged backgrounds. Wishing to give everyone a more equitable chance and create a more level playing field, Roland and Felix conceived the idea of a fraternity of sorts — a community where people could feel a sense of identity and belonging, while benefitting from active resources to foster success in business.
From the start, House 44 has built its brand on the idea of bringing together a community. From services expanding across a wide range of interests and industries — including wine clubs, music festivals and state-of-the-art beauty and fitness centres — to its retail arm which promotes everything from extraordinary Bordeaux vintages to health and wellness products, the brand has reached a wide and engaged audience, and expanded across continents. With one of its core missions to remain at the forefront of technology, House 44 is excited to announce its leap into the future with a host of virtual offerings to complement its firmly established physical products and services. House 44 will be one of the first members’ clubs in Hong Kong to explore the virtual space, and it is inviting everyone from novices to aficionados along for the ride.