Celebrating Advent of Made-in-Hong Kong AiR METAVERSE

March 30, 2022 - 08:31
Celebrating Advent of Made-in-Hong Kong AiR METAVERSE
Innovative O2O Mode to Blend Virtual & Real Worlds
Pre-sale of Hong Kong Virtual Building NFTs to Generate Millions
AiR to House Hottest NFT Bunny Warriors
Play-to-Earn in Virtual Adventure Game
HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 30 March 2022 - Hong Kong tech start-up Air World Limited proudly announces the launch of its brand-new, decentralized virtual world AiR Metaverse (AiR). Through blockchains, users can build and claim ownership of digital properties with tokens, constructing a metaverse economy. AiR Metaverse sets itself apart from its competitors by reimagining Hong Kong in its virtual environments. With a location-based gameplay, AiR Metaverse leverages its unique O2O (Offline to Online) mode to give users access to its ubiquitous gateways into the Metaverse, connecting to every aspect of their life and creating a truly authentic experience in its Hong Kong-themed virtual world. In addition, AiR has completed its first round of invite-only virtual building NFT pre-sale with 100 iconic structures, in which multiple individuals and enterprises have expressed keen interest. It is expected to generate millions of dollars in revenue, laying a strong foundation for the second round of pre-sale set to commence very soon.
Please download the photos here: https://bit.ly/AiR_Metaverse

AiR Metaverse co-founder Gabriel has a clear vision. "The metaverse is still a rather novel and distant concept to many, who have yet to fully comprehend and experience it. It might even still rest on just a promotion level for businesses. AiR is seeking a breakthrough to this. We want to start from Hong Kong and showcase how a metaverse can meet various business needs. We also want to be the most accessible and practical metaverse by offering an intuitive interface so as to further our reach and allow a wide audience to experience the strength of the Web3 technology. AiR will invest significant resources in enriching and diversifying its gameplay. It also provides limitless possibilities for NFT developers and is set to become an NFT playground!"
AiR has previously completed its first round of invite-only virtual building NFT pre-sale with 100 iconic structures, attracting multiple shopping malls, real estate developers, retail brands, celebrities, local artists, and other high-profile figures to set foot in the metaverse. One of the enterprises has confirmed to acquire over ten virtual buildings at millions of dollars to provide clients and partners with a metaverse experience. Another local NFT brand has signed an initial purchase offer for the virtual space of the Central Harbourfront Event Space, where the brand's virtual carnival will be held. AiR will continue to launch rounds of pre-sale of Hong Kong building NFTs. A local realtor company has already expressed interest in representing AiR in its virtual building sales. The project will advance in 2022, with 300 virtual building NFT expected to be sold, forecasting an eight-figure revenue.
Co-founder Yuk added, "We'll sell regular game NFTs at the same time. Through establishing an ecosystem with enterprise clients and collaboration with celebrities, we will materialize a GameFi era. NFT will no longer be merely an avatar or collectible, but a key to AiR metaverse. With the NFT, a Play-to-Earn model is made possible, where users can accomplish tasks to earn rewards and leisure gameplay can be monetized." AiR is working tirelessly with various NFTs, notably the sought-after local NFT Bunny Warriors, which is endorsed by a plethora of celebrities. With a goal to bring NFT to another level, Yuk also shared that AiR will enter into the Southeast Asia and Taiwan markets, hoping to create a metaverse ecosystem in Asia!
Adventure in Reality
The core of AiR – Adventure in Reality, lies in the amalgamation of mobile games and reality where users embark on an adventure in the real world through an app on their smartphone. With a mobile device, internet, modem, and VR device, users will be able to access the various game scenes in AiR metaverse by simply scanning a QR code found in different places in real life. Users can also build, explore, adventure, and trade in the virtual environments to earn various cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and even physical rewards. AiR blends virtual and real worlds, bringing users and enterprises limitless possibilities.
Highlights of AiR Metaverse
METAVERSE-TO-GO, entering metaverse simply with a scan
METAVERSE-TO-GO makes the metaverse experience highly accessible to all. Users can enter the AiR metaverse by simply scanning a QR code on their mobile devices!
Retail stores and shopping malls can quickly transform into an AR game scene with a QR code. In the gameplay, users collect game cards to complete missions for rewards. Users can also make purchases on AiR or enter the AR game scene by scanning a QR code on a receipt. Again, users collect game cards to complete missions for rewards.
PLAY-TO-EARN, gaining rewards from virtual games
The games in AiR comes in various forms, ranging from virtual stores, battle, cooking, to even jigsaw puzzles and more. Users will earn NFTs, rare game cards, or game currencies. They can also earn physical rewards from AiR's B2B network, enriching the gameplay. What's more, fans can play with their favorite pop star characters and complete game tasks by chatting with them. Upon completion of the task, users will be given a special reward from the pop star!
A metaverse for Hong Kongers
To make for a truly Hong Kongers' metaverse, AiR features familiar retail stores and shopping malls in its virtual environments to enhance its authenticity. AiR is also collaborating with local artist Felix Ip of Hong Kong Machines (香港重機) to reimagine a series of Hong Kong-themed hot spots.
Virtual Building NFT
Owners of virtual building NFTs can customize their constructions. In addition to malls and flagship stores, users can build art galleries, theme parks, or even event spaces to monetize their buildings with entrance fees. They can also install billboards on building exterior and resell the property to make profits.

Website: https://www.air-world.io/

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