P366 band releases maiden video

June 20, 2017 - 17:00

Ten-member band P366 has released its first music video after a year’s training in Việt Nam and Japan. 

The 10 young members of band P366 perform at the release of MV Đừng Ngại Ngùng (Don’t Be Shy), a video of tropical house music in Vietnamese and English. — Photo courtesy of the band
Viet Nam News

HCM CITY — Ten-member band P366 has released its first music video after a year’s training in Việt Nam and Japan.   

Đừng Ngại Ngùng (Don’t Be Shy) features tropical house music in both Vietnamese and English, written, composed and mixed by Khắc Hưng.

Hưng won two Cống Hiến ( Devotion) Awards last year for Best Composer and Best Song from the Vietnam News Agency’s Thể Thao & Văn Hóa ( Sports & Culture) newspaper.   

Đừng Ngại Ngùng features youth and love.

“We wanted our first work to be joyful to attract young fans,” Cát Tường, the band’s manager, said. 

P366 has six girls and four boys all aged 12-18, who were chosen from several hundred candidates around the country by its producer, MBC Studio. 

MBC Studio is a joint stock company between MCV Corporation and Asahi Television of Japan.

The members had to sign a 10-year contract with P366 before being sent to train at Avex Group, a prestigious music institute in Tokyo whose alumni include pop idols Ayumi Hamasaki of Japan and boy band BigBang of Korea.  

The youngsters learnt music, dance, composing, performance, and instruments besides English and Japanese.

Although hailing from different backgrounds, the 10 members of P366 have all faced challenges and worked hard to make an impression on the country’s music scene.

The band has performed with Tempura Kidz, a Japanese teen band, at a TBS Television concert before 2,000 people. 

They performed Lollipop, a top hit of Tempura Kidz, which was a phenomenon in the region’s music industry.

They also sang Bống Bống Bang Bang, a Vietnamese song based on folk music by young Hà Nội-based composer and music producer Lou Hoàng.  

“P366 is working to give a new taste of music to youth and hopes to receive an enthusiastic response from music fans and critics," Tường said.

The band wants to add two more singers from Japan and other Asian countries, she said.

The band has worked with talented composers and music producers to perfect their music, she said.

“The band will develop its career in Việt Nam and Japan.” — VNS