Folk singer releases new MVs praising homeland and traditional values

July, 05/2022 - 07:35
Singer Huyền Trang has launched a new project comprising four music videos of traditional folk songs.

Singer Huyền Trang has launched a new music video project. Photo courtesy of the artist

HÀ NỘI Singer Huyền Trang has launched a new project comprising four music videos of traditional folk songs.

Entitled Về Miền Ký Ức (Land of Memoir), and composed composed by songwriter Lê Xuân Bắc, the songs are imbued with traditional elements, and the videos showcase the beautiful landscape of Việt Nam.

The first music video – Thanh Hóa Oai Hùng (Brave Thanh Hóa) – depicts the beauty of the northern central province of Thanh Hóa. It takes viewers on a journey to famous destinations of the province such as Hàm Rồng Bridge – witness of the revolutionary war of Vietnamese people, Hồ Dynasty Citadel – World Cultural Heritage recognised by UNESCO and Mã River – the biggest river in the province.

MV Trăng Non Lỗi Hẹn (Missing New Moon) is a romantic love song in the context of feudalism. In this music video, Trang acts as an industrious young woman who is busy with farming, raising pigs, feeding chickens and cooking. The 31-year-old singer said the role was not difficult for her because she was born into a farming family in the central province of Nghệ An and has been familiar with this work.

MV Quê Hương Nhớ Thương (Loving Homeland) consists poetic sceneries of a peaceful village. It’s a story of nostalgia and patriotism.

Four MVs in Về Miền Ký Ức (Land of Memoir) project features folk rhythms and poetic scenery of a peaceful village. — Photo courtesy of the artist

The final song, Nghe Câu Ví Dặm Người Thương (A Folk Song For The Lover), is the most important part of the music project. The song conveys the message of preserving traditional values and folk culture that have created the Vietnamese identity. Its video features poetic scenes and sweet rhythm of ví dặm (folk song of central provinces).

Songwriter Lê Xuân Bắc was born and raised in Thanh Hóa so he thoroughly understands the central region and the local people's emotions.

“People in the central region are brave and have a strong will to overcome challenges," he said.

"When I think about the central region, I always have a surge of emotions, since then poetry and music keep flowing in me like something very natural and close to me."

The four songs in Về Miền Ký Ức Project, conveying his affection and nostalgia, are also gifts that Bắc wishes to present to his hometown.

Trang was born in 1991 in the central province Nghệ An. She studied vocals at the Military Art and Culture University and participated in Sao Mai national singing contest in 2011 and 2013. For the second time, Trang ranked top in the category of folk music. Since then, she has consistently followed this genre.

Trang is a singer who keeps constantly renewing her image and music products. With the launch of Về Miền Ký Ức Project, she aims to conquer a new goal and continue to pursue the journey of perfecting herself. VNS

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