​​​​​​​THACO to export semi-trailers to demanding US market

April 10, 2020 - 14:04

Despite reeling under the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and facing fierce competition in the automobile market, THACO has succeeded in exporting vehicles and components.

Overview of THACO Special Vehicles Manufacturing Limited Company. — Photo courtesy of THACO

HCM CITY — Despite reeling under the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and facing fierce competition in the automobile market, THACO has succeeded in exporting vehicles and components.

Recently it tied up with a US partner to export semi-trailers manufactured in Chu Lai in Quảng Nam Province to the US, one of the most challenging markets in the world for its high quality requirements.

A spokesperson for THACO said America is a challenging but lucrative market that the company has been seeking to enter. After careful research, THACO met and discussed the co-operation strategy with PITTS Enterprises, one of the 15 largest manufacturers of semi-trailers in North America with a history of more than 100 years.

In February 2020, the two giants signed a memorandum of understanding for co-operation in production and distribution of semi-trailers in the US. Dorsey Intermodal, a subsidiary of PITTS Enterprises, will be THACO’s representative in North America.

THACO’s products and services will be distributed and guaranteed through Dorsey’s network to ensure qualified standards and satisfy American customers’ demands.  

In May this year, THACO will export a batch of 69 semi-trailers to the US and sign a dealership agreement with PIITS Enterprises. In 2020, about 1,600 cars are expected to be sold overseas for round US$50 million.

Investing in modern technology factory

In 2016, to diversify its products and complete the automobile manufacturing and trading value chain, the company established the THACO Special Vehicles Manufacturing Limited Company (THACO SV) to make high-quality semi-trailers, special vehicles and heavy-duty special vehicles with features that meet the various requirements of the domestic and overseas markets.

The factory is equipped with modern facilities and advanced automatic technologies for all processes. For instance, laser cutting machines (CO2 laser/Fiber laser), CNC plasma cutting machines with 0.2~1.0 mm tolerance ensure compliance with technical standards.

Automatic welding robots and jig systems that are controlled by pneumatic and hydraulic components ensure accurate welding and minimise thermal expansion, and advanced shot-blasting technology eliminates residual stress, increases the adhesion of the primer and improves corrosion and fatigue resistance.

Electronic deposition (ED) painting technology creates a special primer which covers every single part, efficiently preventing rust and allowing it to withstand harsh climates (below 0 degrees).

A fiber laser cutting machine. — Photo courtesy of THACO

THACO SV pays special attention to quality control at every single stage. Products are tested using modern equipment imported from Japan, Italy and Korea and a 2.4km test drive track at the THACO-Chu Lai Industrial Park that fully simulates actual terrain with ramps, slippery roads, gravel, winding stretches, and flat roads.

THACO SV also promotes R&D by investing in design software (such as AutoCAD and Catia), simulation software (such as Hyperworks) and a highly professional R&D engineering team.

Developing export products

THACO SV produces and supplies a full range of special vehicles from mid-sized to heavy vehicles that meet the diverse demands of customers.

The main products include all kinds of semi-trailers (skeleton, gooseneck, flatbed...) and special vehicles such as dump semi-trailers, cargo semi-trailers, fuel tanks, concrete mixers, car carrier semi-trailers, and heavy crane trucks.

Besides serving the domestic market, THACO also focuses on developing export products that meet the specialised requirements of each partner and market as well as the standards and regulations of importing countries.

A 20-feet sliding semi-trailer to be exported to the US. — Photo courtesy of THACO

Thaco has so far exported semi-trailers, fuel tanks and concrete mixers to Colombia and South Korea. Semi-trailers, its key export product, have been granted roadworthy certification in the US, Japan and Southeast Asian countries. — VNS