Moon cakes hit the market early

August 16, 2016 - 08:10

A variety of moon cakes have hit the market with more than a month to go for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

A variety of moon cakes have hit the market with more than a month to go for the Mid-Autumn Festival.– Photo

HCM CITY – A variety of moon cakes have hit the market with more than a month to go for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Unlike in previous years, famous confectioners like Kinh Đô Mondelez, Đồng Khánh, Bibica, Hữu Nghị, and Givral have this year come to the market even before the seventh lunar month.

Kinh Đô Modelez began its moon cake season nearly a month ago by exporting a batch of products to the US.

At home it has launched 62 varieties ranging from traditional style cakes to modern variations with abalone, Alaska shrimp, and crab.

They cost VNĐ35,000 (US$1.6) to VNĐ460,000 ($21) for a box.

Without disclosing the planned volume of supply, Vũ Quốc Tuấn, the company’s deputy director of the foreign relations and communications division, told Việt Nam News “It will be higher than last year. The market this year will surely grow and consumption will rise in all segments.”

Đồng Khánh Food and Foodstuff Company Ltd told Việt Nam News that it has introduced nearly 20 kinds of moon cakes this year.

Mai Thị Lộc, head of its marketing department, said “We have just launched the new products and are waiting for consumers’ reactions. The plan may change then.”

Bibica Corporation has increased supply 11 per cent this year to 550 tonnes.

It has set up some 500 kiosks in addition to 12,000 shops that would sell its cakes, the company said.

There will be 50 products in three lines -- luxury, nutrition and tradition – besides fruit moon cakes for online customers, it said.

The prices are 5 per cent higher than last year at VNĐ37,000-140,000, with a luxury selection priced at VNĐ370,000-1.3 million (US$16.5 – 58.29) per box, it added.

Bibica plans to gift 10,000 moon cakes and other confectionery to disadvantaged children and those living in remote areas around the country.

Like in recent years amateurs too are offering moon cake by posting many kinds on Facebook and other social media.

They have become very popular due to their unique designs.

Moon cakes imported from Hong Kong and sold on social media have also attracted many buyers this year.

Luxury segment in high demand

Many of the confectionary firms predict demand for moon cakes to gift relatives and business partners will increase this year.

Lộc of Đồng Khánh told Việt Nam News that the full-moon festival this year falls at the same time as Independence Day, another occasion on which Vietnamese give gifts.

The demand will surely increase,” she said.

Seeing the potential, Đồng Khánh decided to produce some high-end products.

“This segment will account for up to 10 per cent of our company’s total output and its production will be 15 per cent higher than last year.”

Concurring, Tuấn of Kinh Đô Mondelez said “Demand for moon cakes used as gifts for companies and partners will surely increase.”

His company has worked to improve quality and design to capitalise on the opportunity, he said. — VNS