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Mövenpick Hotel Hanoi’s premium mooncake collection: A harmonious blend of the old and new

Update: July, 16/2021 - 13:40

The full moon during the Mid-Autumn festival often inspires a sense of nostalgia and the tendency to reminisce about the past under the pale moonlight. It is also an occasion for those who desire to mix the traditional and the modern to create a new state of beauty.

In line with the success of previous Mid-Autumn products, Mövenpick Hotel Hanoi has introduced a premium mooncake collection in 2021 inspired by the Autumn-filled nostalgia that sparks the desire to connect the past and the future, to marry tradition and modernity.

Inspired by the modern aesthetic with a classical twist

The image of a silk ribbon flying across the sky, a familiar motif in traditional fairy tales, evokes a sense of poetic connection between sacred beings. For Mövenpick Hotel Hanoi, the silk ribbon represents the desire to bridge the gap between generations, to connect the past and the present in the timeless gathering of families and acquaintances under the moonlight of the Mid-Autumn festival.

The premium mooncake collection, with a European flair, comes in a classic "royal blue" color, symbolizing trust and elegance. In addition, the bold oriental motifs and the night sky with its golden moonlight represent the seamless flow of time. The design is a thoughtful intersection of the old and the new.

The convergence of flavours between the old and new

The culinary experts at Mövenpick Hotel Hanoi have breathed life into the traditional mooncakes with a desire to bring a warm, loving Mid-Autumn Festival.

In addition to the two traditional flavours: mixed nuts and lotus seeds with salted egg, the culinary team has also created new and attractive flavours: young green beans with chia seeds, black sesame with salted eggs, matcha salted egg and red apple raspberry.

“With the need for a thoughtful gift for the Mid-Autumn Festival becoming more prevalent each year, many new types of mooncakes have appeared on the market, trendy and traditional alike. It is an art form, creating mooncakes with a unique flavour yet still retaining their traditional charm. That is what we aim for every Autumn." – Chef Nguyen Thi Ngoc Quyen – Executive Chef of Mövenpick Hotel Hanoi said.

The innovative nature of Chef Quyen is expressed through the new flavours such as the delicate combination of jujube and raspberry, a completely new product on the mooncake market. Matcha with salted egg is also a flavourful combination of modern tastes with the traditional savoury taste, made from imported ingredients to ensure the highest quality.

Green beans, young coconuts and chia seeds have long been familiar to Vietnamese people, but the culinary creator's ingenuity is to dare to bring about new combinations. The salted egg in the centre symbolizes the sun, the centre of all things. Young coconut evokes the beginning of life. Green beans and chia seeds represent fertile soil, warmth and fullness. This combined flavour is designed to portray the harmony of nature, wrapped in one beautifully made mooncake.

From the story of yearning on the day of the full moon

The ancient Mid-Autumn Festival is often associated with a successful harvest, and celebrating after a long period of hard work. Nowadays, the Mid-Autumn Festival is the chance for people to relax and reunite with loved ones. Although the meaning of the holiday may have shifted slightly, the quintessence of the Festival remains the same. It is just the chaos of life that has slowly caused us to forget the thrill of this celebration and to relegate it to a day only for children.

Besides serving delicious mooncakes, Mövenpick Hotel Hanoi wishes to give everyone a ticket to their childhood memories and to let us rediscover the beauty of the modern festival, of a warm family reunion under the full autumn moon.

With the elegant and timeless packaging along with creative flavour combinations, Mövenpick Hotel Hanoi's 2021 Premium Mooncake collection is a suitable choice of gifts for relatives, friends and business partners this Mid-Autumn Festival.


6-cake box (80g/pc): 786,000+ VND

4-cake box (150g/pc): 728,000+ VND

*Prices listed are not inclusive of 10% VAT

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