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Sun World Fansipan Legend- the attraction of "the World's Leading Natural Landscape Tourist Attraction"

Update: March, 23/2021 - 14:20

More than a cable car to take visitors to the "Roof of Indochina", Sun World Fansipan Legend has become one of the leading natural landscape tourist attractions, internationally honoured for its creative, sustainable and responsible tourism practices.

Treasures bestowed by God

Fansipan is the most prominent mountain among thousands of majestic mountains of the Northwestern region. With a height of 3,143m, this is the highest mountain in the three Indochinese countries of Viet Nam, Laos and Cambodia. Therefore, Fansipan is also known as the "Roof of Indochina".

Majestic natural landscapes from the top of Fansipan

Located in the town of Sa Pa, Fansipan and Sa Pa have a special temperate climate, with an average temperature of only 15-18°C in addition to cool and comfortable weather all year round. The French even named this place the Alps of Asia.

Coming to Fansipan, visitors will be overwhelmed by the magnificent mountains hidden in the mist and clouds and impressive terraced rice fields, or be amazed by the wonderful four seasons. The spring features mountain peaks in the mist, ancient azaleas, forest peaches, Himalayan cherry or white plum blossoms attracting tourists. In the summer, the bright sunlight shines on the high mountains, the sky is clear while the air is cool. In the autumn, Muong Hoa valley at the foot of the mountain is characterised by yellow terraced rice fields as an irresistible allure to even the poorest souls. On the top of Fansipan, the sea of clouds floats like a fairyland when autumn comes. Last but not least, when winter comes and snow covers the "Roof of Indochina", Fansipan is like the Alps in the French imagination.

Fansipan is covered in white snow

Besides its overwhelming natural landscape, Fansipan is also rated by scientists as one of the most prestigious biodiversity centres in Viet Nam. It is the home to nearly 1,700 kinds of trees, from rare trees of 50-60m in height, aged hundreds of years old with a width larger than the embrace of 3-4 people, to precious medicinal plants growing nowhere but Viet Nam, such as Panax bipinnatifidus, Panax vietnamensis, in addition to 40 endemic azaleas. Fansipan is also home to 555 species of terrestrial vertebrates, of which up to 60 species are in the Viet Nam Red Book requiring strict protection.

With majestic natural landscapes and four seasons with a temperate and cool climate, it is not an exaggeration to say that Sa Pa and Fansipan are the treasures bestowed by God to the Northwest and to Viet Nam.

Enhancing the value of nature

With such great potential, it is not difficult to explain why Sa Pa has become the leading tourist resort in the North while the Fansipan peak has always been a symbol of discovery and conquest hundreds of years ago. Nowadays, nature is one of the core foundations to promote tourism development in Sa Pa. This foundation is constantly enhanced and promoted in a methodical and sustainable manner by major investors in the Sa Pa tourism sector led by Sun Group with its Sun World Fansipan Legend resort.

Hundred-year-old azaleas bloom at Fansipan spiritual complex

From the very first days of its construction, Sun World Fansipan Legend resort was built based on special design solutions that ensure respect to and conservation of nature. The construction area is minimised, the paths are built based on local topographical and geological conditions, avoiding cutting the hundred-year-old trees. That's why visitors now have the opportunity to see the most beautiful azalea season on the top of the sky.

Over the years, the Sun World Fansipan Legend team has been bringing soil to cover the rocks and diligently grow trees on the top of the sky and tame each type of tree and flower varieties in harsh weather conditions to create a valley of blossoming flowers with roses in the summer, Prunus cerasoides (wild Himalayan cherry) in the autumn or Japanese cherry blossoms and Himalaya cherry blossoms in the middle of the spring.

The "Spiderman" team swings on a rope to collect trash on top of Fansipan

Every week, the "Spiderman" team consisting of maintenance engineers of the Fansipan cable car route swing on a rope around the cliffs to collect trash from each rock and bush to clean the Roof of Indochina, enabling visitors to fully enjoy a spotless green natural area.  

The Fansipan cable car route even becomes an effective means of transport for responding to and handling forest fires in the area while the cable car pillars act as inspection positions to keep peace for the spectacular Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range. That’s why when looking down from the cable car cabin, visitors can only see the endless and beautiful forests throughout the years.

Fansipan - "the World's Leading Natural Landscape Tourist Attraction"

The huge efforts of the Sun Group team have turned Fansipan from a less popular mountain into a tourist destination that cannot be missed. Here, anyone from the old to the young can make their dream of conquering the "Roof of Indochina” come true and feel proud of the majestic beauty of the nation. Furthermore, visitors from all parts of the country, from all over the world, can experience local festivals and immerse themselves in the tranquil meditation space among a sea of clouds. Additionally, the unique features of the majestic natural beauty of mountains and forests have been blended with human efforts and creativity based on a caring and sustainable service provision manner, creating “the World's Leading Natural Landscape Tourist Attraction” honoured by the World Travel Awards 2020.

Developing tourism in harmony with conservation of nature and preservation of local culture has been a perfect solution for sustainable tourism, not only to Sa Pa and Fansipan. This promotes the rapid development of many destinations like Fansipan.

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