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Update: June, 24/2020 - 07:00

During the recent Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, AEON Vietnam strived to not only respond to the essential needs of its customers and society but also secure 3,200 employees’ jobs and mental well-being.

Without laying staffs off or reducing their salaries, it supported, encouraged and expressed gratitude to them, as well as worked shoulder to shoulder with them. That is how AEON Vietnam has been treating ‘AEON people’ to overcome all difficulties, whether caused by the pandemic or others.

Many businesses in Vietnam, hit hard by the prolonged Covid-19 outbreak, have sought to cut costs by reducing salaries, arranging employees to work in turns or simply laying people off.

Like many other businesses, AEON Vietnam has also been affected by the pandemic, but the Japanese retailer chose to behave differently with its human resources.

Protecting health, jobs of thousands of employees during pandemic

Many workers have been severely affected by the prolonged pandemic, many have lost their jobs and others have lost a steady income and struggled to make ends meet. According to the General Statistics Office of Vietnam, in the first five months of 2020, nearly five million workers lost their jobs or had their working hours and incomes reduced.

With its philosophy that AEON People are the most valuable and irreplaceable asset; AEON Vietnam has found all possible ways to not reduce staff or their salaries.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Hue, AEON Vietnam’s Strategic Human Resources Management General Manager, said the company has given top priority to protecting the health of its employees during the pandemic.

In addition to adopting prevention measures to ensure the safety of employees both in the back office and the operation, the management has also provided prompt support and strongly motivated each employee so that none was left behind in the social battle against the pandemic.

All AEON Vietnam employees and the company has worked unitedly to ensure the best service to customers and joined hands with society during the stressful time.

AEON Vietnam employees’ health and job were safeguarded during the Covid-19 pandemic

Khanh Nguyen, an employee of General Merchandise Store and Supermarket AEON - Binh Tan, one of more than 3,200 ‘AEON people’, said emotionally: “At a time when it seemed fortunate to just keep the job, we also received encouragement, thanks allowance and appreciation message from the company. This was really great motivation for us to continue our efforts and devote ourselves to the development of the company.”

Staffs at the supermarket’s operation division also received thanks allowances as the appreciation from the company so that they could feel secure in their work and join hands with the company to get through the tough period.

Thuy Dung, who experienced many different working environments before joining ‘AEON Vietnam family’ nearly seven years ago, said: “Nowhere else do I feel that employees are taken care of like family members like at AEON Vietnam.”

The epidemic caused difficulties, but the greater they were, the closer AEON Vietnam and its staff became. The concern and material and psychological support shown by the company’s management helped “each AEON people" feel secure about their job so that they could continue serving customers and society.

As a result, the "large AEON Vietnam family" was able to maintain its workforce and efficiency during the outbreak.

‘AEON people’, an important factor in AEON Vietnam’s success

Building a safe working environment and ensuring stability to instill dedication to work among employees is what AEON Vietnam seeks to foster.

AEON Vietnam shares information about its business operations and development strategy with its employees, who play important roles in realizing that strategy.

The transparency in the working environment helps every employee understand and strive for the development of AEON Vietnam.

Every "AEON people" always receives support from the management and enthusiastic help from colleagues and gets many opportunities for promotion and development through training programs, cultural experiences and unique values that only AEON Vietnam possesses.

The growth of AEON Vietnam into one of the Top 3 retailers in Vietnam over the past year has brought promising career opportunities to its thousands of employees and employment opportunities for potential candidates.

AEON Vietnam routinely organizes domestic and international training courses, professional contests and programs to foster employees’ creativity and innovation, which are a premise for "AEON people" to feel more confident and accompany it in its rapid development.

AEON Vietnam frequently organizes professional and skill training courses for its employees.

“People are always the most valuable and irreplaceable asset of the company. Each person's efforts and contributions have contributed to the success of AEON Vietnam today and we appreciate them for that,” Hue said.

“That is the reason why we always prioritize both physical and mental support for employees and are willing to stay side-by-side with them to overcome any obstacles.”

With such an ideal working environment, it is easy to understand why AEON Vietnam was named the “Best companies to work for in Asia” in 2019.

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