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Vincom Megamall – “New wave” of Vietnamese retail market

Update: September, 13/2019 - 09:31

On the morning of September 12, 2019, within the framework of the New Wave of Retail workshop held in HCM City, Vincom Retail Joint Stock Company has announced three new shopping malls: Vincom Mega Mall Ocean Park; Vincom Mega Mall Smart City (in Hà Nội) and Vincom Mega Mall Grand Park (in HCM City).

With "Green Design" and "Smart Operation" in accordance with international standards and special focus on bringing new experiences, these will be the most developed mega-mall projects in the Vietnamese market when launched in 2020.

The seminar "New Wave of Retail together with Vincom Mega Mall in Vinhomes Urban Cities" provides multi-dimensional information about the development of the international retail market, modern retail models and long-term investment opportunities in Việt Nam’s retail market. The event attracted the participation of more than 500 guests, including local and international retail experts, investors, and retail businesses.

More than 500 representatives of domestic and international retail businesses and experts attended the seminar organised by Vincom Retail Company.

The event drew the participation of James Yang, Oliver Wyman's Retail and Consumer Goods Practice, a member business Marsh & McLennan – the world's 5th management consulting firm with over 140 years of development history, operating in 130 countries and providing strategic advice to thousands of major global partners. He gave a presentation on the latest development trends of world retail and modern consumer behaviour.

According to Yang, the retail market tends to be more personalised and everything is going to be a separate experience, and customers are willing to spend more money to enjoy them.

James Yang affirmed the strong development potential of Vincom Retail.

New trends in retail design are the next attractive presentation from Richard Wood, Director of Concept-I. Besides introducing new designs, Richard also analysed the special creations of three new Vincom Mega Mall shopping centres when not only catching up with the trend of "Green Design" and delicately arranging spaces but also pioneer bringing unique experiences to customers. He also affirmed that the future of retailing belongs to organisations that have the vision and ability to change mind sets and promote the design of an experience-oriented customer environment.

Customers are attentively following Richard Wood's presentation on the “Green Design” trend of Vincom Mega Mall.

The introduction of three new Vincom Mega Mall shopping centres in Vinhomes urban areas is considered to be the most impressive part because the information was published for the first time.

The philosophy of the new shopping centres is to emphasise convenience in combination with experience factors to create diversity and delight for all customers. It is the convenience of large-scale intelligent parking on the ground just outside the shopping centres or natural elements combined with lighting effects inside the shopping centre to create an environmentally-friendly space.

The new Vincom Mega Malls will also enhance the application of modern technology in the directions or the fastest update support information to meet the needs of entertainment.

Besides, the proportion of food sector and entertainment at the three great new shopping malls will be upgraded, along with the appearance of particularly impressive areas such as the slide across floors inside the shopping centre.

Trần Thu Hiền, Deputy General Director of Sales and Marketing of Vincom Retail speaks about the success factors of three new shopping centres.

With the advantages of being located in the new and most modern Vinhomes urban areas, they promise to welcome a huge number of regular customers. These three Vincom Mega Mall shopping centres simultaneously inherit the entire space and unique utilities designed in urban areas.

In Hà Nội, customers coming to Vincom Mega Mall Ocean Park (Gia Lâm) can immerse themselves in the wonderful resort space of the ocean city, while Vincom Mega Mall Smart City (South Từ Liêm) can experience the vibrant and modern technology life of the largest smart city model in Việt Nam.


The new Vincom Mega Mall projects are expected to change the face of the city and contribute to the region's superior quality of life.

Located in Vinhomes Grand Park urban area, which will become the "Smart City” of HCM city, Vincom Mega Mall Grand Park will not only offer the ecological life of the "great park in the heart of the city", but also give customers real relaxation thanks to the landscape and the smart synchronised urban platform.

Impressed with the Vincom Mega Mall projects, Nguyễn Thị Yến Vi, Manager Development Department, Mesa Company – a partner of Vincom from the first shopping centre in the South – said “Vincom Retail has a lot of experience in the field of real estate for sale. With this project, Vincom has done a lot of research on the market, so it will definitely bring the best experience to customers. The cooperation with Vincom has brought benefits to both sides and with these three projects alone, it is opening up great investment opportunities for businesses as well as new brands in the Hà Nội market such as Texas Chicken, MK Restaurants.”

The upcoming Vincom Mega Mall promises to attract attractive investment opportunities

The workshop "New Wave of Retail” with the focus on the official launch of three Vincom Mega Mall shopping centres has provided multi-dimensional information on the development of the international retail market, the modern retail models and opportunities for long-term investment cooperation in the Vietnamese retail market. In particular, the seminar has brought opportunities for cooperation and strategic investment to major domestic and international retailers at three Vincom Mega Mall – where "Green Design" and "Smart Operation" converge, with a rewarding experience for citizens and customers in the Industry 4.0 era.

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