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Update: May, 10/2019 - 09:00

Ho Chi Minh City – Saigon-Beer-Alcohol-Beverage Corporation (SABECO) launched today its new promotion“Bật Bia Saigon Special lên lộc tiền tỷ” (Open Bia Saigon Special - Rise up Billions - Prosperities). With a large scale and attractive prize scheme worth almost 100 billion dong, this year’s promotional event is emblematic of SABECO’s relentless improvements in Viet Nam and our efforts to reach global standards.

The new promotion promises to be even more attractive, and successful

“The success of the promotional event in 2018 inspired us to execute this year’s special promotion. With a total prize worth close to 100 billion dong, this program promises to be even more attractive, and successful! To those who are familiar with Saigon Special its taste, this gives you more reason to drink it, bringing more fun and excitement to your perfect drinking experience” said Bennett Neo, General Director, SABECO. “It is also well-aligned with our strategic pillars and our strategic direction of further strengthening our foothold in the Vietnamese beer market.”

2019 marks a year of growth and stable competitiveness for SABECO. To maintain its leadership as a leader in the Vietnamese brewing industry, SABECO continues to increase its investments and improve the effectiveness of all initiatives. Besides quality of products, the provision of positive vibes and improving the quality of life of the Vietnamese people is also a top priority of SABECO.

Vietnamese young artists are interested in the promotion

Lasting from April 26 to June 26 of this year, customers can enjoy not only the fresh and original taste of Saigon Special, but also the opportunity to win various prizes by simply looking under the cap of 330ml Saigon Special bottles. The prize scheme is highly attractive, with millions of cash prizes, including 8,999,000 prizes worth 10,000 VND and 100 prizes of one ounce of gold – equivalent of 40 million dong. For the grand prize, one lucky consumer stands the chance to win a brand new house worth VND 3 billion.

“ 2019 promises to be an even greater year, as we continue to pursue further growth, development and improvement. Like a raw diamond, we will continue to polish it, and bring clarity, shine and glitter to SABECO....and, in the process, bring pride to Viet Nam!” said Bennett Neo.

Mr. Bennett Neo – SABECO’s CEO shared about their gold medal at the International Brewing Awards

In its more than 140 years of operations, SABECO has received several recognitions for the quality of its products. In March 2019, the ‘Big Brother’ of the beer industry received with honour a gold medal at the International Brewing Awards, a landmark achievement that reaffirms its vision of becoming the leading player in the national beer industry as well as bringing pride to Viet Nam.

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