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The woman who cried wolf

Update: July, 14/2020 - 09:00
N.T.L. writes a report on her wrongdoings at the police station. — Photo  

Reports recently emerged of a heartwarming tale about N.T.L., a 35-year-old woman.

The woman, from Xuân Thủy Commune, Yên Lập District in the northern province of Phú Thọ, reportedly found VNĐ136 million (US$5,900) on a road and then gave it back to its owner, who was Trần Văn Thức, living in Võ Miếu Commune, Thanh Sơn District in Phú Thọ.

The good samaritan story understandably went viral.

However, local police quickly realised something was amiss and investigated the case.

Eventually, L admitted to the police that she had made up the story because she wanted to be famous.

On June 20, L used her Facebook account 'Mai Lan Mai Lan' to post a status claiming she had picked up a backpack with the money and a mobile phone.

She used another Facebook account named 'Mạnh Thức Trần' to lament that he had lost the backpack.

Then she used the Facebook account of 'Mạnh Thức Trần' to post status with thankful words from Trần Văn Thức because she handed over the money to him. 

Five days later L continued to report the story to the press and became became famous.

Only problem was, Trần Văn Thức doesn't exist.

Yên Lập District Police are completing documents to fine L.

Reporting false information can carry a fine of VNĐ20-30 million ($860-1,300), according to the website — VNS


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