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Supermodel judges

Update: March, 19/2019 - 04:00

In most of the world, judges are supposed to be highly educated, even-handed and have unimpeachable character. But apparently in Việt Nam , they should also be catwalk models.

Recently, the Việt Nam Court Academy issued admission criteria for the 2019 - 20 school year, with height and weight requirements.

According to the academy, prospective female judges must be 1.55m tall at least and weigh from 45kg to 60kg, while males must be at least 1.6m tall and weigh between 48kg and 80kg.

Immediately, the announcement was publicly slated for ruling out potential candidates in favour of those who meet an irrelevant specification.

In addition, what if a prospective judge puts on weight while studying? Would that make them no longer suitable for the judiciary?

The Court Academy also rules that candidates must be not more than 22 years old, for some unknown reason.

These are nonsense regulations.

In February, HCM City’s Teacher’s University changed its height and weight admission criteria two days after announcing them due to public opposition.

If teachers’ weight doesn’t matter, why should judges’?

Pigs would be given up their familiar foods

Earlier this week, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development issued a list of 18 approved kinds of animal feeds, excluding their traditional feed.

Traditionally, animals such as pigs are fed with foods like carrots, rau muống (water morning glory), banana stems, hyacinth, sweet potato and cassava leaves.

But under the circular, the feeds would be banned.  The regulation caused concerns among farmers.

Animal raisers argued that traditional breeding was different from industrial-scale breeding, so it could not be managed by the same method.

But the ministry’s officials said the regulation would not affect the traditional animal raisers because traditional feeds would be still used.

Which is somewhat contradictory and has left everyone involved dumbfounded. — VNS

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