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Going out on a high

Update: November, 28/2017 - 09:30

A young man in Hà Nội was his usual charming self when he visited his girlfriend’s house last week. Her parents were impressed with the smart, friendly guy and told their daughter that she was lucky to have found a partner like him.

As a special occasion, some wine was served with the meal. The young man saw another chance to impress. He proceeded to drink the girl’s father and elder brother under the table, but then went over the top, gloating and jeering at the “losers.” The uncomfortable hosts maintained their composure and remained polite, which only pushed the guy to drink further.

The outrageous behaviour soon led to outrage. The inebriated youth suddenly hugged his girlfriend’s mother, exclaiming: “Thảo (his ex)! Long time no see, you look older than before.”

Livid with anger, the father told his daughter to end her relationship immediately, and it was duly done the very next day.

We assume a sober man is entertaining sobering thoughts on the lines of the higher you go, the harder you fall. —VNS


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