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Beauty and the thief

Update: March, 22/2016 - 09:00

What happens when a thief falls under the spell of his victim? Some may think a romantic love story where the bad guy becomes good and the couple lives happily ever after. Reality, it runs out, is much harsher than that.

Twenty-five-year-old man Dương Cao Kỳ spotted two women riding by themselves on National Highway 1A through Bình Long commune in the central province of Quảng Ngãi. Kỳ approached the couple and quickly snatched Nguyễn Thị Ti Cô’s handbag.

After finding her Iphone 6 in the handbag, along with some money and personal documents, Kỳ was stunned by the beauty of his victim and could not stop himself from flirting with Co via Facebook. He had no trouble finding her on the social network as her account was saved on the stolen smartphone.

Cô noticed that her latest follower was the thief who stole her bag. She reported the incident to the police and agreed with their plan to set a trap for the thief blinded by love.

Kỳ asked to meet up with Cô, promising that he would return all of her documents and the smartphone. Under police instructions, Cô agreed to meet him.

Yet it was not until the second ‘date’ that Kỳ showed up, and was immediately arrested.

Kỳ confessed that he had committed a total of thefts across Bình Sơn and Sơn Tịnh districts and Quảng Ngãi City.

Seven seems to be an unlucky number for Kỳ in business and love.


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