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A twist in the tale

Update: March, 08/2016 - 00:37

Road guardian

A series of serious traffic accidents in recent days has caused a public panic and many people are now afraid when they go out.

To calm their nerves, many people are looking for an amulet to take with them when they go out, or are buying feng shui products to put in their car for good luck. They have become best-selling products in recent days.

On the online page, buamayman2m, a "traffic amulet" is sold at VNĐ88,000 (US$3.9). According to the seller, a customer needs to write his or her full name and birth date on the amulet paper and pray to the God for good luck. The seller also recommended that the buyer always bring the amulet with them or hang it in their vehicle when they go out.

It is claimed the "traffic amulet" will help its owner to avoid traffic accidents. Each amulet can only be used for six to 12 months, and will only bring good luck to the owner if they trust it, said the seller.

Another online page, Mira Chan's Kitchen, is selling many kinds of amulets imported from Japan for drivers, with prices ranging between VNĐ250,000 and VNĐ450,000 (US$11-20) each.

The shop also has special amulets for customers to use as gifts for their relatives or friends. A special "traffic amulet" selling for nearly VNĐ5 million (US$220) includes a gilded sacred object and comes in a silk bag with the words "traffic safety" in Japanese.

Customers in Hà Nội will be charged an additional 15 per cent for each amulet as the shop is located in HCM City.

The seller also guarantees that all amulets from their shop are imported from Japan.

The buyer has to pay a deposit to buy a Japanese amulet then wait three days for delivery as the shop does not have enough goods to meet demand, the seller said.

Many Vietnamese drivers hang feng shui products such as Buddha statues in their cars to pray for good luck on their journeys.

Outdated custom

A group of five people were in a hurry to attend a funeral in a village near Hà Nội.

They drove smoothly on good roads that have been recently built or upgraded thanks to a new rural development programme, and they hoped they would not be late for the funeral.

At the gate of the village, they could not recognise the way to the funeral place because the village had changed so much in recent years. A local person suggested they turn back and try another way.

They went inside the village but still could not find the place they wanted. A person from a neighbouring village guided them to go yet another way.

It took them more than an hour, but they still could not find the funeral they were looking for.

Then a friendly female farmer told them the way to go, but said it was rather far.

The group was very surprised and asked her why she was telling them to go that way.

She smiled and said that they had to go that way because they had brought a wreath in the car for the funeral.

Many people in the villages don't want to see a vehicle with a wreath going into their villages.

Vehicles with a wreath shouldn’t go through villages that are not holding a funeral. Villagers believe that this could bring them bad luck.

Unlucky thief

A thief tried to rob a house in HCM City at 2pm last weekend. He saw that no one was in the house and used a saw to cut the door latch. After cutting the latch, he used a big wood stick to pry the door up. Suddenly, the iron doors collapsed on his legs and broke his ankle. He hastily tried to stand up, but could not. He had to use his stick and hop away without any stolen loot. Poor him! — VNS

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