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Golf is better with green

Update: March, 31/2019 - 09:00


By Robert Bicknell

The PGA Tour announced a three-month suspension for Robert Garrigus following a failed drug test. Garrigus confirmed it was marijuana in a statement of his own and, of course, bearing his soul and promising to never do it again.

OK, so let me get this straight… a recreational drug, which is now legal in most parts of the US and Canada is still being banned? They can’t possibly consider it a Performance Enhancing Drug because  as the late great Robin Williams once eloquently pointed out:

“Marijuana enhances many things, colours, flavours, sensations, but you are certainly not ******* empowered. When you’re stoned, you’re lucky if you can find your own goddamn feet. The only way it’s a performance-enhancing drug is if there’s a big ******* Hershey bar at the end of the run. Then you’ll be like a Swiss ski jumper going, "I’m there!"

If cannabis is legal in most states and the event is being held in one of those states (no, not “altered states”) then where is the harm? Moreover, if they ban marijuana which is now pretty much legal, shouldn’t they also ban alcohol?

You want guess how many pros have teed off loaded to the gills in events where they are in last place and have no earthly hope of winning, but a friend says, “Have a beers before tee off?” an “a beer” turns into many?

If they banned beer in golf, the game would die out over night and, sorry to inform you, beer is definitely a “performance enhancing drug”. Most golfers will tell you their game improves after one or two beers at the drink kiosk during the round. Sure, it relaxes you and golf is a game where staying relaxed is the key.

There are countless stories of pros playing inebriated in the old days, and I am sure pretty much today as well. From Christie O’Connor to John Daly and, I presume, many more that you’d never suspect of being loaded. No, not falling down drunk, but definitely feeling no pain.

And speaking of pain, how many pros do you think are out there with a few painkillers rattling around in their stomachs?

The problem will only get worse as more studies are showing that cannabis can alleviate muscle and joints inflammation, arthritis pain and a whole lot more. It seems to me that using a CBD cream is less dangerous than Ibuprophen which can screw up your stomach and liver.

For the record, Thailand is now considering making cannabis legal.

No, I’m not interested in the THC loaded variety, I’m looking to manage arthritis pain which is getting worse with every passing day. That would be the CBD stuff and you cannot get high from it no matter how you try.

Although, being allergic to alcohol, I might consider the THC variety just to take the edge off once in a while. You have no idea how not being able to have a beer or scotch once in a while can affect you. I get wound up like the Hulk on a bad day and no way to mellow it out…

Anyway, I think that changes are coming in the near future. We will see.


April is around the corner and that means The Masters tournament, but also the 20th Annual Norfolk Invitational Tournament, which will be held at The Bluffs again this year. As far as I know, this is the longest running tournament in Việt Nam, beating out “Swing For Life” by a year or two. As it’s the 20th Anniversary, it will be a two-day event with some very special prizes and more. However, as usual, I must stress that this, like The Masters, is an invitational event. You cannot just sign up to play, although many have tried in the past to force their way (unsuccessfully) into the event.

As for me, having been a host / emcee for every one of them, I am excited to see old friends again and, of course, to get two rounds in at The Bluffs which is still my favourite course.

More details next week… VNS


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