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Rubbish collection protects waterways in Hậu Giang, enhances public awareness about environmental protection

Update: September, 09/2020 - 16:07


Youth union members collect rubbish from a river in Hậu Giang Province’s Ngã Bảy City. – VNA/VNS Photo Hồng Thái

HẬU GIANG – Collection of rubbish on rivers and canals in Ngã Bảy City in Hậu Giang Province has raised public awareness about the importance of environmental protection.

Early this year, the city’s Youth Union launched the model of “Protect the river, clean the river flow” in the city’s Ngã Bảy Ward with the participation of seven youth union members.

The group carries out monthly rubbish collection and encourages traders at markets and households along rivers and canals not to throw rubbish into the waterways.

The activity has reduced the volume of rubbish on rivers and canals.

Noticing the group's efficient operations, local philanthropists donated funds for the group's operations and bought them an engine-powered boat.

The rubbish collection model has been expanded to Hiệp Lợi and Lái Hiếu wards, while the group members have increased to 15.

Lê Ngọc Dung, a trader at Ngã Bảy Market located along the Lái Hiếu River, said that many traders at the market had once had the habit of throwing rubbish into the river even though public rubbish bins were available at the market.

“When they saw the group members collecting rubbish on the river and putting it into designated sites, traders became more aware, and the market area became cleaner,” he said.

Besides collecting rubbish, the group members erected boards to encourage households living along rivers and canals to put rubbish at designated sites. The households no longer throw rubbish into waterways and instead put them at these sites.

Dương Thị Hoa, who lives in Lái Hiếu Ward’s Area 2, said that local households had responded warmly to the group's rubbish collection on rivers.

“The habit of throwing rubbish in the river has changed. Many household put rubbish in designated sites in front of their houses for rubbish collectors,” she said.

Trương Thanh Đảo, secretary of the Ngã Bảy City Youth Union, said the union will expand the model to the remaining Hiệp Thành Ward and communes of Đại Thành and Tân Thành. The expansion aims to promote the role of youth union members in environmental protection while at the same time enhancing public awareness.

Nguyễn Quốc Dân, a youth union member of Ngã Bảy Ward and a group member, said: “Collecting rubbish is hard and dirty, but I'm glad that I can contribute a small part to protect rivers and the environment.” – VNS

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