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Thief, traffic death or dirty air - which worries you the most?

Update: March, 27/2016 - 16:30

The Voice of Viet Nam (VOV) radio station recently reported that every day, on average two or three foreigners and another dozen Vietnamese have to pay visits to police stations in districts 1, 3 and 5 – the central areas in HCM City – to file reports about being robbed by thieves who snatch their belongings and take off.

In the other half of the country, meanwhile, the Air Quality Index hit a record high of 388 in Hà Nội in March, reaching a hazardous state and raising alerts about air pollution in the capital.

Chaotic traffic, a popular topic to complain about after arriving in Việt Nam, caused nearly 5,000 road accidents in the first three months of the year, killing 2,193 people and injuring another 4,522, according to the National Traffic Safety Committee.

As a Vietnamese or an expat living in Việt Nam, which of these three issues worries you the most? Which do you think most affects your life in Việt Nam? Which problem should be the Government’s priority to tackle, in your opinion?

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