Mechanisms needed to support enterprises to change towards clean technology: experts

December 23, 2021 - 08:26
Experts have shared their opinions on economic development and environmental protection at a recent seminar on “Việt Nam and commitments made at COP26”.  


A view of the windpower plant V1-3 in Bến Tre Province. Experts said policies and mechanisms are needed to support enterprises to change towards clean technology. VNA/VNS Photo 

Experts have shared their opinions on economic development and environmental protection at a recent seminar on “Việt Nam and commitments made at COP26”.  

Nguyễn Thế Chinh - Vice President of the Việt Nam Association for Environmental Economic (VIASEE)

Currently, we can allow businesses and people to invest in the field of environmental protection. This requires specific policies, operating in accordance with the market economy.

The rules in the market economy will gradually eliminate businesses that do not meet 'green' criteria. Participants in this 'playground' will be subject to a strict and flexible monitoring mechanism. Our resources are limited, so it is necessary to promote the role and effectively use the resources of people and businesses.

In the long term, agencies should soon have a plan to implement payment for environmental related services. Those who pollute the environment need to pay fees as a remedy of their actions. This aims at getting businesses and international organisations to actively participate under the monitoring and regulating of the State.

Nguyễn Minh Phong - economic expert

Việt Nam is facing many pressures such as: carbon emissions, air pollution, water sources, and noise pollution. According to statistics, Việt Nam is one of the five countries suffering heavy damage from sea level rise. The Mekong Delta is at risk of losing one-third of its area if the sea level rises.

We need to promote the role of three target groups: the Government, the business community, and the people. The Government would ensure the legal system, support tax and fee policies related to the environment; take advantage of modern technology, natural resources, and monitor the environment. The role of the Government is key.

The financial resources of the Government and businesses are limited, but the cost of solving environmental problems is very high. People also only contribute a very small part to the budget. Foreign funding sources are also not much.

Therefore, we need a mechanism to acquire capital for environmental protection. It is raising capital through green credit; lobbying foreign organisations to adopt commitments from the Paris Climate Agreement, COP26; promoting environmental protection funds with wide participation, transparency and publicity, and resources from overseas Vietnamese.

In addition, it is necessary to raise awareness about environmental protection so that people can clearly see their rights and responsibilities. When people implement, monitor, and protect the environment, there will be improvements.

Bùi Thị An - Director of the Institute of Natural Resources, Environment and Community Development (RECO)

Việt Nam is trying to develop the economy at the same time with protecting the environment and social security with the spirit of not trading the environment for the economy or improving the quality of people's lives. In the current economic conditions, we should consider replacing polluting energy with clean energy.

Resolution 55 of the Politburo has specified the need to increase the structure of renewable energy sources and reduce toxic energy. The entire political system has stepped in, but there are still some problems such as assignment of tasks, implementation, and some other problems.

I think that there should be a decision to plant forests and increase renewable energy; we need to focus on clean, advanced technologies capable of preventing climate change. We can't allow investment and import of outdated technologies that are considered 'junk technologies' of the world.

Strict implementation of supervision is extremely important. The Government should have mechanisms and policies to support enterprises to gradually change towards clean technology. The Government needs to subsidise prices for businesses to invest in clean technology and advanced science, to meet the criteria for environmental protection.

Hoàng Xuân Cơ - Former Director of the Centre for Research, Monitoring and Environmental Modelling

We need to follow closely the 26th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change - COP26 in Glasgow, United Kingdom, to take highly effective actions. Whether the results will be successful or not can not be evaluated, but we need to pay attention to the 'Net Zero' commitment, which means not adding to the total amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere. However, how to calculate emissions, whether or not can we calculate it, these facts need to be considered.

What we're able to calculate here is the forest. We can calculate the area of forest in each country, from which we can calculate how much emissions each country can absorb.

Our country can reduce carbon emissions by implementing many wind and solar power projects. Because Việt Nam is a country with potential for renewable energy, which means we have good conditions to reduce carbon emissions. VNS