Media OutReach Expands into China with Strategic Partnership with Xinhua Finance Agency

February 22, 2021 - 06:57
Media OutReach Expands into China with Strategic Partnership with Xinhua Finance Agency

The newswire continues growing its foothold in Asia by opening its 7th office in the region


HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 18 February2021 - MediaOutReach, the first globalnewswire founded in Hong Kong in 2009, today announces its business expansioninto China. The partnership with Xinhua Finance Agency (XFA) is a strategic one as XFA has a thorough understandingof local client needs from working closely with the business community in thecountry.

XFA has a close partnership with Xinhua News Agency and is a member ofthe Belt and Road Economic Information Partnership (BREIP). The BREIP wasinitiated by Xinhua News Agency and co-founded by more than 30 news andinformation service agencies in countries along the Belt and Road (B&R)routes, with the aim to promote communication and cooperation among the B&Rcountries through information services. As a member of BREIP, XFA has anextensive connection to the news and information industry and is wellpositioned to provide comprehensive press release distribution across China inits alliance with Media OutReach.

"It is our great pleasure to represent Media OutReach in China.Combining XFA's market knowledge and Media OutReach's worldwide media networkis a harbinger of success. We are confident this new venture will bring about ahigher level of professional service to the news distribution industry in Chinawith increased cost efficiency. We look forward to a fruitful cooperationwith Media OutReach," said Mr. Nick Ng, president of XFA.

This partnership isfurther strengthened with XFA's commitment to act as Media OutReach's contentpartner in China and across the B&R countries. All news releasesdistributed by Media OutReach will be posted on all news sites of XFAcomprising three different languages, ensuring high visibility among businesscommunities.

"For some clients, ourservice has brought business partnerships and investment opportunities for themwhen a story by the media based on the news they received through our pressrelease distribution service built investors' confidence in fund raisingactivities by the clients," explains Ms Jennifer Kok, founder and CEO of MediaOutReach.

Media OutReach bringsPR professionals, journalists, and editors in China closer together to foster anall-inclusive system of information distribution. This helps PR professionalsbuild media relations with journalists and editors in their target regions.

"We have a vastdatabase of media contacts where we deliver clients' news directly to the emailinbox of journalists and editors across unlimited news categories to helpoptimise news write ups and support them in building relations with the mediain their target countries. Our distribution will connect communicationprofessionals in China directly to the media in Asia Pacific, USA, UK, andother strategic regions and vice-versa, adds Ms Kok.

Media OutReach is alsothe first newswire in the industry that offers guaranteed online news postingson established media by language depending on the country the news isdistributed to. For each distribution in China, the newswire provides close to300 online news postings that includes key news sites such as Netease (网易网) ,Sohu(搜狐网), SinaChina (新浪看点), Tencent(腾讯企鹅号),TouTiao(今日头条), iFeng(凤凰网), ZhongGuo Wang (中国网),Xueqiu (雪球), EastMoney(东方财富), Xinhua Finance (新华财金社), XinhuaBusiness (新华商讯),China Finance (中华财经), The Xinhua (新华在线) and many others.

"To support our clientsin China, we have translated all our post-news release distribution reportsfrom English to Simplified Chinese to demonstrate our commitment to the Chinamarket and local clients. With this service enhancement, we will be the only globalnewswire that offers post release report in Simplified Chinese," emphasises MsKok.

Media OutReach's proprietary post news release reports with 'Media andJournalist Insights' provides PR professionals with information on how manyeditors and journalists have accessed their press release by publication and bycountry for Asia Pacific, USA, and UK. This information is especially importantfor Chinese companies looking to make an impact on the international stage. Theseinsights demonstrate how much media attention their press releases have garneredand set the foundation for building their relations with the journalists andeditors from the country they have been building their communication program.

About Media OutReach

MediaOutReach Newswire was founded in Hong Kong in 2009. Media OutReach is atechnology company that distributes multimedia, multilingual press releasesdirectly to targeted editors and journalists, and automate the reportingprocess. The company's news release service supports the public relations,social marketing and digital agencies and introduces groundbreaking refinementsto their distribution service by offering guaranteed online news postings onauthentic news media.

FromHong Kong, the company has expanded across the region and internationally withoffices in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, and Taiwan, as well as internationalreseller partnerships in the USA, Canada, and Europe. Today, Media OutReach hasgrown to be the first global newswire founded in the Asia Pacific region andthe only one with its own distribution network in 24 countries across AsiaPacific region, possessing a database of more than 130,000 journalists and 460media partnerships to provide authentic, guaranteed news postings online andpioneering post release reports with insights and measurements.

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About Xinhua Finance Agency

Xinhua Finance Agency (XFA) devotes itself to providing global financialinstitutions with news, materials and information concerning China's businessworld, and aims to become a Fintech company bridging China and overseascountries. Main businesses of XFA include news and data, enterprise publicrelations service, forum & investment promotion conference, and enterprisecross border investment consultation service.

XFA is the gateway for theglobal community to gain true access to the heart of China's business world.XFA empowers global investors with information to help them succeed in today'sChina business world.

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