COMMANDO Hits the Thailand market with the launch of COMMANDO ORIGINAL

November 27, 2020 - 06:56
COMMANDO Hits the Thailand market with the launch of COMMANDO ORIGINAL

After the fighting bears brand ‘COMMANDO’ has demonstrated a successful in-ternational market expansion in Africa, the Middle East, and more than 36 coun-tries around the world, the company is now ready to penetrate the Thai market and shoot their new energy drinks straight to the stars.


BANGKOK THAILAND - Media OutReach - 27 November2020 - COMMANDOnow entered Thailand'senergy drink market after hitting the African and Middle Eastern markets, andmore in 36 countries worldwide. With the slogan 'COMMANDO, START DOING', the brand will soon launch a newtelevision commercial, starring Bin Banluerit, a well-known volunteer,ex-rescue worker, and actor, who was chosen as a presenter in this ad only toreflect the brand'sintention to 'support those who do good for society'. The brand also vows not toparticipate or involve in politics regarding the issue.

Mr. SittinanAssarasee, Managing Director of Krungsiam Beverage Company Limited revealed about the official launch ofCOMMANDO ORIGINAL that  "After the brandhas grown considerably and gained popularity in over 36 countries worldwide, wedecided it's timefor people in Thailand to enjoy our high-quality energy drinks certified byrecognized international manufacturing standards.


Thai consumers don'tseem to have many options for their energy drinks as the flavors available inthe market are quite limited. We saw a business opportunity here and went forit. Though competition is fierce, we have every confidence in our products,especially the COMMANDO ORIGINAL which is now sold in Thailand. This less-sugarformula was adapted to make it easier to drink. It tastes great, not so sweet,as well as pleasant smell too. Our COMMANDO ORIGINAL is not just a deliciousthirst-quencher, but it also contains nutrients that have health benefits suchas lysine, an amino acid that helps to convert body fat into energy that canfuel your body longer; taurine; vitamin B3, B5, B6, B8, B12; and choline. Ourdrinks are also created to fight drowsiness and provide an energy boost withoutcausing heart palpitations or rapid heart rate. Basically, they are appropriatedrinks for all genders."


To respond torecent changes in consumer behaviors, our COMMANDO ORIGINAL was developed as acreative healthy drink that benefits consumer's health. But the key concepts stillfocus on providing the body with long-lasting energy to make it active andrefreshed. The COMMANDO ORIGINAL is now sold at 10 bahts in convenience storesand leading supermarkets nationwide and more new product lines are on the way.


"Our products are targeting 'skilledworkers' betweenthe ages of 30 and 50 across all fields of expertise, especially constructioncontractors, technicians, trained workers, and freelancers with specializedskills.

This is an excitingsegment as finding a skilled workforce with knowledge and expertise in eachfield, especially those with decades of experience is not an easy task.


Our brand identitysupports our purpose of  'doing something good for society' as demonstrating in our new TVcommercial does convey the brand personality through the idea of doing good bybeing heroic and humble with self-encouragement, authenticity, skilledexpertise, and integrity.


For overseasmarkets, we used the slogan "Make You Solid" to represent the greatest strengthof the body and mind which makes one becomes a solid man. The solid personswould start from doing their work with great care, even for the small thing.They would do it again and again until they develop the skills and become anexpert, and that's whentrue success happens from doing things.


In the new commercial,the presenter Bin Banluerit has a character that suits our brand personalityentirely and this could help us reach the target audiences effectively. Bin isalso known as a charity hero who has been volunteering to help those in needfor over 34 years. He has a lot of energy and has devoted his time, physicalenergy, and brainpower to helping others in our society tirelessly. His greateffort is visible to the public and that makes us appreciate him. As a result,we will continue to welcome him as a presenter of COMMANDO ORIGINAL. Bin, aswell as everyone, has the right to freedom of expression, and the companyconsiders this as a personal matter, which is not related to our business. Forthis issue, we again confirm that our brand COMMANDO has no intention to beinvolved in politics at all. "


"With regards tobusiness, we expect our products to become part of the lifestyle of customerswith highly-skilled occupations (both male and female) and young people wholove challenges and are motivated by competition. We set our growth target at3% within three years, before entering the Stock Exchange of Thailand," Mr. SittinanAssarasee concluded.