Magnum photographers will make an exhibition about contemporary Moscow at Zaryadye

February 05, 2019 - 02:58
Magnum photographers will make an exhibition about contemporary Moscow at Zaryadye

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - EQS - 5 February 2019 - FromJanuary 28 to February 9 for the first time ever the internationally renownedphotographic agency Magnum Photos will present the experimental laboratoryMagnum Live Lab/19 in Moscow. Thomas Dworzak (Germany), Alex Majoli (USA), andNewsha Tavakolian (Iran) will take part in the project. Nina Gomiashvili willserve as the project curator. In two weeks they will produce a whole exhibitionat Zaryadye Park dedicated to contemporary Moscow. The process will be open toall and everyone will be able to track it real time.


Magnum Live Lab is alarge-scale international cultural initiative. In different years the Magnumlaboratories were opened in London and Paris. In the Moscow edition, theinvited photographers will make an exhibition about the capital city. Moscowresidents and tourists will have a chance to follow every step of the creativeprocess including the editing and printing of the shots.


Magnum Live Lab/19 will occupythe information pavilion Dome of the flagship park Zaryadye (close to the RedSquare). The Lab's team will take pictures in various locations of Moscow andpay particular attention to the historical and contemporary architecture, tocultural and public spaces as well as to the portraits of Moscow people.Gradually Magnum Live Lab/19 will be transformed into the exhibition spacewhich will feature the Lab's results.


Magnum Live Lab/19 alsoincludes the training workshop with the photographers and the curator. Aspecial movie documenting the work-in-progress and various backstage processesof Magnum Live Lab/19 will be produced as well.


The project is organized by Moscow Project Office for Tourism and HospitalityDevelopment with the support ofCommittee of City Tourism, by the photographic agency Magnum Photos and byZaryadye Park.



Independent non-profitorganization Moscow Project Office for Tourismand Hospitality Development was established bythe Government of Moscow and by the Mayor of Moscow in 2018. Its main goal isto encourage the development of the Russian capital as an international andintra-regional touristic and cultural center. Project Office's activities include the organization of image-buildingand marketing events and projects.


MagnumPhotos -- an international photographic agency founded in 1947 by HenriCartier-Bresson, Robert Capa, George Roger and David Seymour. Due to thestylistic diversity of the founders, the most essential creative professionalco-operative in the history of contemporary photography emerged. With officesin Paris, New York, London, Tokyo today Magnum Photos works with the mostnotable professionals from all over the world who share the values of the foundersand combine in their practice journalism, photography, and documentary. Magnumphotographers cover world events, film people and places.


Zaryadye is a flagshipnationwide park, the only place in Russia featured in the Time's list ofWorld's 100 Greatest places.


Zaryadye is located in thehistoric city center and its name originates from the oldest district ofMoscow. The lab will occupy the information pavilion Dome. Pavilion's interiorarchitecture replicates the central part of the Russian exhibition at theVenice Biennale of Architecture of 2012, which was awarded a special prize.

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