Flala has been online for one year, with over a million users, providing users with a borderless social space

September 26, 2023 - 02:16
Flala has been online for one year, with over a million users, providing users with a borderless social space
SINGAPORE, MALAYSIA & TAIWAN - Media OutReach - 27 September 2023 - 2023 marks the first anniversary of Flala's launch. As a new social APP, Flala quickly established and effectively spread its brand image to the outside world between 2022 and 2023, bringing users a high-quality social experience by continuously optimizing the product functions. Flala has opened the door to the overseas social market and become an emerging social chat product favored by young people abroad.
Flala App's slogan and purpose
Flala App's slogan and purpose

Flala started its layout in Vietnam and radiated to Southeast Asian, Asian, European and American markets, showing a trend of rapid expansion. On Facebook, Flala's official account has attracted over one million followers, with a rising number of daily active users. All these benefit from the functional design of the product and continuous optimization of the user's experience.
Various befriending options
Flala provides a variety of social chatting methods. Users can freely choose the way to make friends according to their own needs: such as to enhance mutual understanding through 1-to-1 private chat; to communicate freely through video, thus breaking the geographical restrictions.
In the Dynamic Square section, users can share their life moments anytime, anywhere, whether they are happy or sad, and express their emotions to their friends on Flala. In addition, Flala also offers a variety of mini-games to enhance users' gaming experience.
A communication space for real emotions

With the advent of the ChatGPT craze, AI can easily analyze and imitate human chat behaviors through big data, but hardly deal with the emotions between people. However, to register as Flala users, you must go through the avatar review to ensure the authenticity of the user and the safety of the friend-making process. It also ensures that the users make real human friends and that what they share and are shared are the purest natural emotion.
On Flala, there are no boundaries of location and language. You can easily communicate with users from different countries and regions, even users across the ocean, share beautiful life moments, and gain spiritual comfort.
Creating a relaxing, unbounded and healing social environment for users around the world is what Flala strives for. Flala helps users make friends on the same channel, and helps users share and heal themselves
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