ST Design’s Sale Soars 10 Times Through Youtube Promotion, and Bespoke Progress Tracking System Around the Corner

January 26, 2023 - 05:15
ST Design’s Sale Soars 10 Times Through Youtube Promotion, and Bespoke Progress Tracking System Around the Corner
HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 20 January 2023 - ST Design will cooperate with a technology solution developer in early 2023 to plan the research and development process for a cutting-edge project tracking system. Its operation will be beneficial for all parties involved including interior design companies, contractors and customers by streamlining the progress monitoring across computers and mobile devices simultaneously. The system is expected to support multimedia uploads ranging from text, images, voice recordings and videos. An in-build messenger will also be made available for all stakeholders to promptly communicate with each other, fostering transparent communication along the line.
ST Design witnesses outstanding performance in sales despite the recent economic downturn. More than 200 projects were completed over the past year. More than 85% of customers are satisfied with his service, and 90% of the projects were completed within 3.5 months. In order to keep up with the digitalization buzz in the market, Mr. Leung came up with the idea of ​​video shootings as a promotional tactic. He uploaded over a hundred videos to his Youtube channel over the last two years, receiving 650,000 views thus far, contributing to a 1000% increase for ST Design's sales figures.
In addition to running a Youtube channel, ST Design business model is one of the key contributors to business triumph. The interior design company offering one single contractor to oversee the entire renovation project is often considered as the market norm. ST Design on the other hand, provides a project manager for assistance as to avoid miscommunication. A complaint mechanism is also in place to cater any reported complaints. Customers can directly contact the project manager, leading to a much effective communication exchange. ST Design doesn't adopt a low-cost strategy. On the contrary, ST Design believes that a growth mindset, life-long learning and qualifications obtained along the way are more than enough to maintain a strong market profile and to avoid quality of deliverables sacrificed for price.
Mr. Leung predicts the interior design industry will increasingly acknowledge the importance of professionalism in the future, coupled with tougher requirements for license applications. It will not be as easy as before to enter the industry or start a company from scratch. Additionally, customers are becoming increasingly wary of renovation companies and will only entrust their home to contractors who are deemed credible. Looking ahead, Mr. Leung imagines the only plausible strategy that a company could put to work is nothing but a strong positive reputation. He hopes the progress tracking system could help ST Design retain the trust of its customers with an uplift in communication effectiveness, while injecting innovations and facilitating reforms in the interior design industry.
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