Back with a bang: Tia Lee drops music video for highly-anticipated new single "GOODBYE PRINCESS"

December 13, 2022 - 08:16
Back with a bang: Tia Lee drops music video for highly-anticipated new single "GOODBYE PRINCESS"
HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 13 December 2022 - After months of hype and a record-breaking animation series that garnered over 100 million views, global C-Pop star Tia Lee Yu Fen kept the momentum up by dropping her incredible new single "GOODBYE PRINCESS".

Speaking on the launch of her new music video, Tia thanks her creative team for bringing her journey to life with amazing animations, stills, and fashion videography. She hopes to inspire other women to follow in her footsteps and chase their dreams without sacrificing their true identities.
Tia's new song and the music video for Goodbye Princess focus on the theme of female empowerment, and encouraging women go out and achieve their dreams, without being held back by societal expectations. Similar themes were trailed throughout the six-episode "GOODBYE PRINCESS" animated series Tia released prior to her new single. The series followed the stories of six princesses from well-known fairy tales and combined elements of storytelling from Tia's real life experiences. It also depicted the transformation she underwent and how she embraced a new, truer side of herself.
Tia said: "I am very excited for this new chapter of my life and career. This song and music video was based on my personal journey. I believe it is a story that everyone can relate to – especially women, who so often bear the brunt of society's judgment. We all have power inside us, though the world sometimes makes it difficult for us to speak up. I hope that "Goodbye Princess" can be a rallying call for women to embrace their inner strength and support each other in realising their own truth."
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