Mindwise Sees Increase In Concern Over Impact Of Covid-19 On Sexual Wellbeing

November 30, 2022 - 08:54
Mindwise Sees Increase In Concern Over Impact Of Covid-19 On Sexual Wellbeing
SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 1 December 2022 - Mindwise Counselling Services & Training, a Singapore-based counselling centre, has seen an increase in individuals seeking help for concerns around the impact of Covid-19 and its repercussions on their sexual and mental well-being.
This is in line with global trends, where there has been an overall increase in individuals seeking help for issues such as stress, depression and anxiety. Most people are worried about how the virus and its other impacts will affect their relationships and sex lives, both now and in the long term.
According to Ms. Faith Hogan, principal counsellor and sex therapist at Mindwise, "Covid-19 has brought about changes in people's lives, such as the loss of jobs, financial strain, and isolation from loved ones. These changes may lead to problems in the mental aspect like stress and anxiety which can in turn affects the sexual aspect of the relationships, such as decrease in libido and sexual desire, difficulties with intimacy and communication, and erectile dysfunction which reduces the satisfaction with one's sex life. Additionally, anxiety can cause people to become preoccupied with their performance or worry about their physical appearance, which can lead to avoidance of sexual activity altogether."
While there is no evidence that the virus directly impacts sexual function or desire, the psychological effects of Covid-19 can be far-reaching and impact all aspects of our lives. A study found that there is a decreased on sexual desire and frequency of sexual intercourse due to COVID-19. Almost 15% of the participants have recorded a higher stress and anxiety levels due to the pandemic. The implementations of related restrictions in many countries have also caused a decrease in people's quality of life, including sexual behaviour with their partners.
Ms. Faith suggested that there are a variety of ways to manage stress and anxiety, including exercise, relaxation techniques, psychological therapy, and medication. And it is important to address these issues in order to have a healthy and satisfying sex life. Individuals are advised to prioritize self-care and open communication with their partners during these trying times. She also reminds individuals to seek professional help if needed, as sexual wellbeing is an important aspect of overall mental and physical health.
Mindwise Counselling Services & Training Pte Ltd provides counselling and mental health support services for individuals and couples in Singapore. If you are experiencing difficulties with your sexual wellbeing, please do not hesitate to reach out for help. For more information, visit https://mindwise.sg/.
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