CryptoFantasy launches BSC-based Play to Earn game

December 03, 2021 - 12:53
CryptoFantasy launches BSC-based Play to Earn game

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 3 December 2021 - Recently, CryptoFantasy launches a Play to Earn game built on BSC in which players can earn $CFC (Crypto Fantasy tokens) by playing this fantastic game designed for players to enjoy. Players all aim for a "Top Player" by growing characters!



What are the features of CryptoFantasy?

Players can earn play with assets


There are three ways to earn money from CryptoFantasy.



・Raid bosses

Quests have a limited number of challenges per day. Players can collect monster parts by these Quests to summon  "companion monsters."


PVP is a format in which players match against each other to battle, with the winner getting $CFC and monster parts. There is also a limit to the number of matches per day.


Introduce the NFT of other projects


In addition to the traditional Play To Earn feature of earning money through gameplay, CryptoFantsy will make other projects' NFT available to maximize the appeal of NFT.


Moreover, players will also actively consider collaborating with existing IPs and creating synergy by sharing items with other blockchain games.


This initiative will allow CryptoFantasy and partner projects to increase the value. Players will also be able to earn rewards by Farming NFT.


10% of the revenue will adopt as a charity


A charity event will be held every three months, and 10% of the NFT marketplace's revenue will be used for charity.

・About $CFC (CryptoFantasyCoin)

・Total supply: 1 billion

・Symbol: CFC


$CFC is a token built on BSC, which can use to play games. All tokens will distribute in the next four years. The distribution is as follows.



NFT Presale Details and Dates


Date: From 2021/12/3

Title: NFT Presale Gacha


There will be no character sale right after the game release.


15 Characters in total.

・Baran(Limited to 500)

・Aslar(Limited to 1000)

・Liara(Limited to 1000)

・Rafeus(Limited to 1000)

・Paralis(Limited to 1000)

・Xiao Qiao (This time only)

・Seto(This time only)

・Cao Cao(This time only)

・Isis(This time only)

・Zhao Yun(This time only)

・Hathor(This time only)

・Sun Ce(This time only)

・Ra(This time only)

・Lu Bu(This time only)

・Anubis(This time only)



The roadmap for the schedule includes listing on PancakeSwap, implementation of scholarship, listing on CEX, and development of the metaverse. Additional functions are scheduled to be fully advanced starting in 2022.







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